Educational Apps for Android

Amanda Cowan for EDU 210


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Anki is a free flashcard app. You can download user-made flashcards based on subject, or you can make your own flashcards. You rank each flashcard as "don't know, hard, normal, or easy" based on how well you know the answer. The app will test you, and increase or decrease the times you see a card based on how well you know the answer. It's a great memorization tool. Useful for learning new vocabulary, or testing yourself on knowledge before a test.

Khan Academy

You Can Learn Anything
Khan Academy is an app that allows for learning of a multitude of subjects. It has videos and explanations for many ideas and concepts, as well as many interactive learning features. It is just one more resource students can use to aid learning.

Japanese Kanji Study

My specialty is World Languages: Japanese. Japanese Kanji Study is a fantastic tool to use for students and I would definitely encourage students check it out. It tests your recognition and production abilities for kanji, as well as explains stroke order and the different radicals present in a given kanji. The app groups Kanji into bite-sized sets of increasing complexity, and relates levels to levels of the internationally recognized "Japanese Language Proficiency Test."

Google Classroom

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As explored in a previous module, Google Classroom is a great way to put all the class assignments, announcements, information etc in one place. Many students often lose track of due dates and assignments and Google Classroom really just makes it easy for all students to be able to find everything they are looking for pertaining to class all in one place.


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Lastly, I think that the Kindle app could be really great for bringing a variety of literature to kids. The Kindle app allows for any device with a screen and a WiFi connection to basically become a Kindle device. Kindle app users have the same access to books as those with Kindle devices. Many books are free on the app and many books can be bought at a discount. This app makes it easy for a student to get his/her hands on a book without having to go to a bookstore.