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1. Cortana Help Find Installed Integrated Apps on Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with an integrated digital assistant named as Cortana. It owns the same objective what Apple’s Siri is built upon. With advanced features and technology, Cortana works on your voice command and brings out the search results immediately.

To make it more efficient, Microsoft integrates some applications with Cortana. Sometimes, you don’t understand that which applications have been integrated with the digital assistant so as to make it a cool assistant. Furthermore, Microsoft is likely to add more applications to Cortana, as it keeps on advancing it with each passing year. Read more at

2. Windows 10 Project Spartan and Cortana Integration

Project Spartan (a code name for the internet browser Microsoft Edge) is confidently termed to be a next-generation internet browser that would have increased interoperability, consistency and discoverability, along with an impressive interface and browsing experience. It is exclusively designed to run on Microsoft Windows 10.

When it comes to the features that Microsoft Edge includes are capability to interpret through keyboard or pen directly on the website, easy to share contents with friends, a distraction-free reading experience, simplified layout to help the users get pleasing readability, and many more. Read more at

3. How to Run Windows 10 on You Mac PC

Every one of us should be sensitive towards our digital behavior. We should be aware of the way how we represent our digital lives. Today, with increasing threats to our privacy and important data, it is now of a great importance to make sure our data files and personal information are immune to the potential Windows 10 security threats.

Regardless of our awareness, what is surprising to know is that our personal computer is cheerily passing on our crucial data and personal information to a database situated somewhere far away.

With the release of Windows 10 and its super intelligent personal assistant Cortana, along with the cloud-based data technology, a number of Windows users are getting nervous that someone is controlling their crucial data. Read more at