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August 8, 2021

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"Today I choose to BE Kind, Work Hard, and Do My BEst!"

Our school hours are officially 8:00-3:10. Students may arrive as early as 7:30.

*disclaimer that items published in this newsletter may change due the COVID-19 pandemic*

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Dr. Null Email Sent to Enrolled Families on 8/6/2021

Conroe ISD is excited to welcome students back for the first day of the 2021-2022 school year on Wednesday, August 11th! As always, our goal is to provide the safest and most enriching learning environment for our students and staff. Please view the message below from Dr. Curtis Null, Superintendent, as he discusses the upcoming year and provides information about a limited PreK-6 virtual program.

Message from Dr. Null

Meet the Teacher Night and First Day of School Updates:

Our staff at Buckalew couldn't be more excited for Meet the Teacher tomorrow, and the First Day of School on Wednesday. Please look for an email from your child's homeroom teacher by noon tomorrow. If you did not receive an email, we will have all schedules ready at Meet the Teacher to assist you on where to go.

Our biggest priority is being in school with your children. With that said, as of Dr. Null's recent announcement (posted above), we have adjusted a few things in efforts to minimize crowding due to Montgomery County's continued increase of the Covid-Variant in our community.

We ask that you can help us with the following when coming to both Meet the Teacher on Monday and our first day of school on Wednesday. Our goal is to provide the safest learning environment for our students and staff.

Limit Number of Guests We know all family members are excited to see your child off to a great start this year! We kindly ask in efforts to minimize crowds, that you limit the number of people you bring with you to both Meet the Teacher and the First Day of School. If possible, bring only Buckalew-attending children, and one parent or guardian. On the first day, take as many photos before coming to school can help us in overcrowding in certain areas.

Photos Taking pictures are important! Our amazing PTO has created 3 different locations to take photo opportunities. With 3 different locations, we ask that you take your photo and move to the next area, or simply choose one of the 3 of the locations for that perfect momento. We are trying to minimize the gathering as much as possible, without taking the photo opportunities away. These photo opportunities will be available at both Meet the Teacher AND the First Day of School. The first 2 areas are outside and will be up and available to take pictures at your convenience following Meet the Teacher and the First Day morning of school if you wanted to stop by and take photos when it is less crowded.

  • Area #1- We will have a big photo display outside in the front lawn area to the left of the front entry.
  • Area # 2- We will have a balloon display/arch outdoors in the front of the school under the covered patio.
  • Area #3- We will have a balloon display in the front foyer inside the school.

Personal Responsibility/Self-PreScreening (taken from CISD's Roadmap to Remaining Open)

We ask that you make sure to Self-Prescreen: To ensure the health and safety of all students and staff, all individuals should conduct self pre-screening for COVID-19 symptoms. Individuals waiting for COVID-19 test results due to symptoms or individuals currently experiencing any of the symptoms listed that are new and/or not normal for them, should stay home and consider seeking medical care and/or COVID-19 testing. Symptoms consistent with COVID-19 include:

  • fatigue
  • cough or shortness of breath
  • sore throat
  • congestion or runny nose
  • significant muscle pain or body aches
  • loss of taste or smell in the last 10 days
  • diarrhea, vomiting, or abdominal pain
  • feeling feverish or a measured temperature greater than or equal to 100.0F

Masks/Face Coverings(taken from CISD's Roadmap to Remaining Open)

  • No employee, student, or visitor is required to wear a mask or face covering.
  • All employees, students, and visitors are encouraged to wear a mask or face covering.
  • The CDC recommends all individuals wear a mask or face covering in public settings, at events and gatherings, and anywhere they will be around other people during periods when there are high levels of community spread.
  • Conroe ISD expects all students, employees, and visitors to respect the choice of others regarding the wearing of masks or face coverings.

PTO- Please follow our Buckalew PTO on Facebook and Instagram for the most up-to-date parental involvement information. PTO will be delivering pre-ordered spiritwear to your child's homeroom class, so you will be able to pick it up in your child's classroom. PTO will also be set up in our gym during the Meet the Teacher event for additional spiritwear, PTO memberships, and volunteer information.

Parent Visitors/Volunteers- Following the first day of school, Buckalew will be limiting the number of volunteers in the classrooms with students through the first grading period. As we do every year, we also hold off parent lunch visitation until after Labor Day, so students can get into a routine and meet friends during their lunch time.

Lunches/Recess- During this recent spike, we have limited our lunches to one grade level at a time eating in the cafeteria together (as opposed to 2 grade levels). This allows us to spread kids out further during lunch with 6-8 students at a table. At this time, this is what our lunch schedule will be for your child to start the year.

K 10:45-11:15

1 11:15-11:45

2 11:45-12:15

3 12:15-12:45

4 12:45 - 1:15

PTO Spirit Shirts and School Supplies- PTO has delivered your pre-ordered spirit shirts and school supplies to your child's homeroom. They will be in the classroom for Meet the Teacher.

We are Geared-Up for Success and are so excited for you to join our amazing year ahead!


Jill Price

Kindergarten Meet the Teacher

“Meet the Teacher Night” has been adapted this year to be a time where you and your child can explore the kindergarten classroom together and parents can complete any paperwork. An orientation slideshow will be pre-recorded and emailed by noon on Monday August 9th by your child’s teacher so you can watch on your own prior to the start of school to help answer any questions for a successful start of kindergarten. You will bring your incoming kindergartner and any school supplies not directly ordered through PTO. You and your child will spend time feeling comfortable in the kindergarten classroom and then can explore the campus. PTO ordered supplies will be in your child’s homeroom upon your arrival.

Monday, August 9

4:00-4:30 PM (Kindergarten Students Last Name A-M)

4:30-5:00 PM (Kindergarten Students Last Name N-Z)

Students are invited to bring their favorite teddy bear or stuffed animal.

Meet the Teacher- 1st - 4th

Formerly known as "Stop and Drop", our faculty and staff always look forward to this "come and go" event for students and parents in Grades 1-4. It is a time for students to meet their teacher prior to the first day of school and drop off school supplies. If you pre-purchased supplies from our PTO, they will have already been delivered to your child's classroom.

Monday, August 9

5:00-5:30 PM (Last Name A-G)

5:30 - 6:00 PM (Last Name H-P)

6:00 - 6:30 PM (Last Name Q-Z)

First Day of School

The first day of classes for the 2021-2022 school year is this Wednesday, August 11. On the first day of school, you are able to walk your child to their homeroom. While some may look forward to this opportunity, others look forward to biking or walking, riding the bus, or being dropped off in car rider. Students should be in their classrooms no later than 8am. Outside doors will officially open at 7:30am.

We do ask on the first day to walk your child straight to class and say your goodbyes at the door of their homeroom and take the photos prior to reaching the homeroom classroom, so parents are not gathering inside the classroom.

If your student is a biker/walker, bus rider, or car rider, we will have staff available throughout the building to escort students to their homeroom. You can help us by making sure your child knows their homeroom teacher's name.

We have designated entrances for our walkers and bikers by grade level. Kinder and 1st grade students will enter through the doors nearest the gate/bike rack. Second through 4th Graders will enter through the bike rack, and continue to the doors into our cafeteria/gymnasium. Car Riders will enter the double doors in the back parking lot (see car rider information below).

Upcoming Events


9- Meet the Teacher

11-First Day of School

13- Wear Your Buckalew Spirit Shirt Friday

20-Wear Your Buckalew Spirit Shirt Friday

27- Wear Your Buckalew Spirit Shirt Friday

27- PTO Meeting 9:30


3- PTO Meeting 9:30

6- No School

9-Orientation (see schedule below)


1- PTO Meeting 9:30

7- Storybook Parade

8-No School/Staff Development Day

11-No School/Holiday

12-15 Coat Drive

14-Chalk the Walk

15- Walk to School Day

25-29- Red Ribbon Week


5- PTO Meeting 9:30

12- Boosterthon Run

15-19 Food Drive

15-19 Generation Texas Week

22-26 Thanksgiving Break


3- PTO Meeting

9- 1st Grade After School Playdate Fundraiser

14- 4th Grade After School Playdate Fundraiser

17- Jingle Bell Jog

17- Early Release 12:10

20-January 4- Winter Break


5- Classes Resume


1. Bus rider (eligible if home is 1 mile or further from school) Bus routes are posted online on the Conroe I.S.D. website (Click on Parents/Students>Transportation>Find Bus Route). Please check the website to find your child’s bus number, pick-up/drop-off locations and times. Students must be eligible and registered to ride the bus, and may only ride the bus they are registered to ride. You can register your students at the website here. Kindergarten students will not be dropped off without an adult present at the bus stop to meet them. The buses may run late the first couple weeks as the drivers get to the students and their stops.

2. Car Rider Signs. The car rider line will be at the rear of the school and the bus line will be at the front of the school. ALL Parents will receive TWO car rider signs (orange) at Meet the Teacher night. If you have multiple children, you family car rider signs will be found in your youngest child's homeroom. Please display the car rider sign in your front passenger window so our staff can read your card.

3. Day Care. Day care vehicles drop off and pick up students in the front of the school with the buses. If your child will not be riding the day care bus due to an early pick-up or transportation change, please notify the day care so they know your child will not be riding that day.

4. Biker/Walker. Kindergarten students must have a parent/guardian/designated adult present at the Biker Walker doors (under the patio) at dismissal in order to walk or bike home. Our Biker Walkers will exit the school near the bike racks. All other biker/walkers are released at dismissal to ride or walk home independently.

On severe weather dismissal days, students will not walk or bike ride home. If your child is a biker/walker as your primary mode, then you will be a car rider on severe weather days.

Car Rider LINE Do's and Don'ts:

Buckalew takes pride in the organization and efficiency of our car rider line. We have tried various ways entering and exiting our students over 20 years. Please note the following if you are a car rider:

  • DO follow these directions for morning drop off and if applicable, for afternoon pick up.

  • DO pull all the way up to the number "1" labeled on the pillars along the back patio. If a car is already at 1, please create a steady stream behind "1", "2", "3", "4" and "5". We can safely load and unload 5-7 cars at a time by following this method.

  • Do NOT pull up and stop by the double doors. This slows every car down behind you and we have this designed for safety to pull all the way up to A. If you are concerned about your child not getting into the building, please know that is why we have staff outside at morning duty.

  • DO NOT GET OUT OF THE CAR. If your child requires extra kisses, assistance getting out of his or her car seat, a note written, a walk up to the door, then we ask that you park and walk your child from Lakeside Park.

  • DO move quickly, yet safely through the car-rider line.
  • DO NOT confuse quickly with fast. If you are in an extreme rush, the car-rider line may not be your best option. Park and escort your child from Lakeside Park.
  • DO NOT pass other cars in the car rider line. This is extremely dangerous. If there is a car who is regularly not following the rules and safety is a concern, please call the front office and let us know.
  • DO put safety first. Please do not have your cell phones out while in the car-rider line. Put your car in park before your children get out of the car in the car-rider line. Watch for others (staff) crossing the parking lot in the car-rider line. Before you pull away, make sure your child has crossed the RED line.
  • DO NOT expect others to be safe. Every parent uses the car-rider line for the first time at some point. This may include families who just moved into the area, relatives, nannies, and older siblings.
  • DO have all of your child’s school items prepared and placed carefully inside of their sturdy backpack before entering the car-rider line. This includes water bottles.
  • DO NOT allow your child to attempt to exit your vehicle with their backpack gaping open. All of their items could easily spill out onto the ground, forcing you to put your vehicle in park, run around to the other side, or worse, have your child crawl under a car without you realizing it.
  • Do make sure your children exit the car on the passenger side doors. There is a RED line on the dismissal patio. Please reinforce to your children that they need to go straight across the red line to the area away from the car traffic.
  • DO NOT allow your child to exit the driver's side or the back of the car. Someone behind or in front of you may not see your child and accidentally reverse or move forward. Exiting the passenger side ensures your child will not be in another vehicles path.
  • DO have your CAR RIDER SIGN OUT AND DISPLAYED for the person calling names to see it vividly even if they know you during pickup. Sometimes it is hard to see into windows and anticipate who is inside the car.
  • DO NOT make U Turns coming or going into the car rider back parking lot. Montgomery County police did a evaluation of our car rider line to most safely and efficiently run our arrival and dismissal. This has improved the safety of not only our car riders, but our biker walkers and bus riders. This has also improved our dismissal time from approximately 45 minutes in the past, to under 20 minutes.
  • Do understand our line runs efficiently at dismissal and can be done in 15-20 minutes on most days. Do not assume it will run long and wait to pick up your child when there is no line. This is both embarrassing and scary for your child as we do bring them to the front office to make a phone call to make sure you are okay.
  • AGAIN, If you need more time and are holding up the line during drop off or pick up, we ask you to please park at Lakeside Park and walk your child up to school.
  • Thank you.

Active Start and Breakfast

Active Start is a before school "free play" for students arriving at school from 7:30-7:45. Weather-permitting, students go to the k-2 playground prior to the start of school. Students arriving after 7:45 will go straight to homerooms.

  • August 11- no active start, first day of school
  • August 12- Active Start Begins with procedures and expectations for students arriving 7:30--7:45
  • August 13 Active start will begin for 1st-4th graders. Kinder students will stay for review of procedures and expectations.
  • August 16 Active start begins for K-4 students arriving 7:30-7:45.

Breakfast is served in our cafeteria from 7:30-7:55 daily. See below for menu.

Parent Orientation

Below are the dates and times to receive important teacher insight into each grade level. We are often asked if it is appropriate for children to attend the orientations. A lot of information about the school, curriculum, homework, grading, and a variety of other topics geared toward parents will be discussed. Most parents find it a little easier to attend the orientations by themselves, but we certainly understand if that is not a possibility for your family. We do want all parents to be able to attend if at all possible. Times are staggered to enable parents with multiple students to attend each grade level orientation, and to minimize crowds.

· Kindergarten - August 9 (see kinder orientation information above) before school begins*

· First Grade – Thursday, September 9 1:45-2:15 p.m. and 5:30- 6:00 p.m.

· Second Grade – Thursday, September 9 10:30-11:00 a.m. 6:00 – 6:30 p.m.

· Third Grade – Thursday, September 9 9:30-10:00 a.m. and 6:30- 7:00 p.m.

· Fourth Grade –Thursday, September 9 8:30-9:00 a.m. and 7:00 – 7:30 p.m.

Buckalew Student Addendum

PDF to help you navigate Buckalew-specific dates, procedures, and information. Please note that all information in the Addendum is subject to change due to Covid 19.

The content on the Roadmap to Remaining Open webpages is designed to provide information relevant for the 2021-2022 school year. The details on this page are subject to change as we receive guidance from the Texas Education Agency, Governor’s Office, and State and local officials. Please check back often for the most up-to-date information.

Join our Incredible PTO!

As part of the Buckalew community, all families are invited to join the PTO which meets monthly. We so appreciate our active and generous volunteers who continue to shape the success of Buckalew and strengthen our students’ foundation for learning. We have many volunteer opportunities and need you to continue making Buckalew an outstanding school. Please consider joining the PTO fun. Please follow the Buckalew PTO's social media as they update it regularly!

Water Bottles

Children are encouraged to bring water bottles each day. Please clearly write your child's name on the bottle with permanent marker.

Lunch Information

Buckalew Lunch Menu

MySchoolBucks Account

CISD Child Nutrition


Meal Includes Entree, Fruit, and 1% or Skim Milk Daily

There is no charge for student breakfast meals during the 21-22 school year

Non-Student Meal/2nd Meal $2.60


Meal Includes Entree, Vegetable, Fruit and 1% or Skim Milk Daily

There is no charge for student lunch meals during the 21-22 school year

Non-Student Meal/2nd Meal $3.85

Entree A la Carte $2.25
Fruit/ Vegetable/ Juice/ Bread A la Carte $1.10
Milk A la Carte $.90

If your child will be purchasing a second meal or extra items, you may prepay by using My School Bucks. You will find a link to this service, lunch menus, and other helpful information by clicking on the child nutrition resource button below.

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