SWAGGER By: Carl Deuker


Main Characters

  • Jonas Dolan -a redwood high school basketball player
  • Levi - Jonas's best friend
  • Coach Russell - Jonas's coach
  • Jonas's Dad -wants the best for Jonas

Part ONE

A Redwood High School basketball player named Jonas Dolon is the best on there team it seems to be glorius but maybe too glorius

Part Two

The Redwood High School coach,Coach Russell gets injured the new coach,Coach Hartwell steps in to help the team.

After a while the team warms up to Coach Hartwell so coach brings the team over for some beer and jonas asked why are they having beer and coach hartwell said "don't tell anyone about the team having beer"and jonas says "ok can i have some"and coach gives him a whole case and the team got drunk. On Coach Hartwell's hands

THE Ending

At the end of the book Jonas goes to Shoreline Community College and Jonas tells his dad that he owes Coach Hartwell and jonas gives him a beer.