The scientific Revolution


What was the change?

Although there were many changes that contributed to taking the world from a medieval to modern age, the scientific revolution was most fundamental. The medieval age was a dark age that revolved around the church's decisions. People relied on only others to make the decisions and to tell them what to believe. There was no independence or individuality. The Scientific Revolution was able to change the method of how people thought and how people viewed the world.

How did the change impact society at the time?

In my opinion, the Scientific Revolution will greatly affect the religious beliefs of the church and will affect the social ranking system that was used before the revolution. This revolution will be a positive change for the common people because it will allow people to be equal by Descartes explaining how any human being can rationalize, therefore no difference from a peasant to a king rank, thus destroying the old social ranking system. Another positive change to the common people is that people will gain a better understanding of everything that they are curious about because of great scientists like Galileo, Vesalius, Newton, etc. and the creation of new methods like the Scientific Method. The revolution will be a negative change to the king and the government because they fear that as people start to learn more about the natural world and how the government lied to them, the people might overthrow the government and the king from power. This will also be a negative change to the church and the pope because the people will question and become concerned about the false information the church has given the people as well as the beliefs that are wrong about the natural world. I think we are shaped by the experiences of our lives because as people progress in life, people can start showing their capabilities and features of what they can or cannot do.

How is that change evidenced in today's modern society?

the telescope help us to see planets and stars far far way from earth and, the microscope to see small cells and bacteria's .