Ancient Greece

By:Jillian White


I chose to do my research on Ancient Greece. My first topic is the Beginnings of Ancient Greece. My second topic is slavery in ancient Greece. I chose slavery in Ancient Greece because I found interesting facts when I read it. My last topic is Greek city-state and colonies. I chose this topic because I like reading about how the land effects the people. In fact I am going to the library to do more research.

Beginnings of ancient Greece

Ancient Greece began between 1900 and 1600 BC. The first invaders of Greece were fair haired Achaeans. They came from the grasslands East of Caspian Sea. Dorians also came 3or4 centuries after. Tribes also invaded well-developed civilizations. Another fact is that they used gold and bronze to make pottery and paintings. Many talented people came to ancient Greece when it was first beginning.

Slavery in ancient Greece

The slaves of Ancient Greece led simple lives. First they lived in 2 story homes made out of adobe (sun dried bricks) which had no plumbing. In addition the homes were heated with bowls of burning charcoal. Equally important women stayed home. They weaved, spun wool, and did house hold chores. Slaves also got only 2 meals a day. Certainly it was not fun to be a slave in Ancient Greece.

greek city-state and colonies

The Greek city-states never became a nation. First city-states were separated mountains. Second the city-states were self governing. They had economic and cultural organizations. They also had religious organizations. Also important Athens was the only only Greek city-state with more than 200000 citizens. To sum it up there were many reasons why Greek city-states never became a nation.


I liked doing research on the Ancient Greece. I liked the Beginnings of Ancient Greece because it helped me under stand how it got started. I liked researching about slavery the best. The best part of researching slavery was I learned how women spent their day. The Greek city-state and colonies was't my favorite at first. Then after I read it I found some really interesting facts. I definitely learned a lot while I did this project.


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