Ludwig van Beethoven (1770 - 1827)

By Harrison Wu

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Beethoven´s life

his early childhood was horrible he had a alcoholic and strict father who he was scared of. though his mother was vary kind and loving. one but he gave music lessons to royal children. When he was 26 he started hearing buzzing in his ear along with other noises. After a while he went completely deaf. but it did not stop him from making music.

Bonn, Germany

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This is Bonn, Germany this is were Beethoven was born. He didn't spend that much time here with is mean father and loving mother he left to Vienna and met Mozart and he had high hope in Beethoven.
Beethoven: Symphony No 3 in E flat major, 'Eroica' - BBC Proms 2012 (Daniel Barenboim)

His music and deafness

Even though he was deaf for most of his music life it never stopped him. in his life He made "nine symphony, 32 piano sonatas one opera, five piano symphony and many chamber works including some ground-breaking string quartets"

more of his music

  1. Symphony no. 9
  2. Fur Elise
  3. Symphony no. 5
  4. Piano sonata no.

other facts about mozart

  1. He started going deaf at 26 years old and started hearing buzzing
  2. Him and Mozart met in Vienna
  3. He made 40+ songs


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