Last of us culture

By Zane and AJ


Culture in the world of the last of us is very different, because the world has been ravaged by a sickness. All of the remaining art from other cultures has been destroyed or damaged in some way so there is hardly any art left for the people of that world to enjoy.but art that they have created for themselves inside of their quarantine zones such as graffiti or murals on the walls. Another form of art for the survivors is stories told to the children of the old world before the infection.


music in this world has a very different meaning to the people of the post-apocalyptic world. There is almost no more cd's or records to listen to, and even if there were it would be very hard to find something that could play it. Music is mainly hand played with improvised guitars and other assorted instruments. People mainly sing, songs about the old world and the lives they left behind to survive.


clothing is usually shared equally among a group and is most often torn and tattered due to extreme use. In the winter people wear whatever they can to stay warm which usually includes bundled scraps of cloth or if you were lucky winter gear from before the infection.


it is an unspoken rule when outside the walls to always watch your back and the guy next to you. Another custom is trading ration cards or bullets for information or products. If you get your hands on a gun be careful, because people will steal from, beat up, or kill anyone with supplies however bare.


the language of an area depends on the language spoken previously among a people I.E. ( in America people are most likely to speak English). Not enough time has passed for the developement of a new language. So language remains mainly unchanged.


the religion depicted in the last of us is the christian religion. After the outbreak many people went fanatical and most likely prayed to God for salvation. Or went the other direction and lost all faith in God.

Religious rituals

Not unlike language, religious rituals haven't really changed since not enough time has passed for another religion to form. Or for religion to change. Many of the traditional religious rituals such as praying are still found in the post apocalyptic world.


Do to the food supply pre breakout being mostly spoiled or eaten all that's left are military MRE's, animals from hunting, or fresh grown fruits and vegetables. Most of the preserved foods like canned goods have either been eaten or destroyed.