-words of Wisdom(ish) from the Mentor

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Meeting The Students Where They Are

Each of you works very hard to be effective and meaningful in your work and it is not easy to do. One of the great challenges is keeping up with the very different personalities and learning needs of your students. Yet, it is our responsibility to do so. In our upcoming meetings we will begin to focus in on specific students and needs that you want to work with and help grow.

Keep up the good work and see you soon.

Wrangling Cats
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There are three types of ETMs and numerous titles from which to choose. ETMs can be completed online or in face-to-face sessions. Additionally, you have the option to go with your mentor for a half-day (sub provided) to observe effective peers for one ETM. A full listing of the ETMs available can be found at http://www.bluevalleyk12.org/etm.

Coming September 9th &10th are ETM's covering CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT...this will be your first available ETM and a great way to set your room up for success.

Tech Tip

Check out www.thinglink.com as a great way for students to engage with pictures that go deeper....
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