Mrs Mitchell's First Grade Class

Weeks of March 7-11, March 14-18, 2016

What Have We Been Doing?

  • Literacy: Our spelling words and focus last week was on the "long e" sound created by ea, as in weak and ee, as in meet. This week we have been writing and reading words with the "long a" sound, created by using ay, as in day and ai as in plain. We also have been spending a good amount of time talking about the difference between fact and opinion AND writing opinion papers.
  • Mathematics: The concepts of "how many more" and "how many fewer" were at the heart of last week's lessons. These can be tricky! This week we entered the world of number doubles and what their halves are. By learning doubles, 7+7=14, for example, students can better see the opposite: 14-7=7, plus develop number sense to understand that 7+8=15 because 8 is one more than 7.
  • Science: Just when we thought we might have more "Lamb" (spring-like) days in March, we were slammed with a storm! Our In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb graph has quite a few more lion days right now. Stay tuned!
  • Social Studies: The students are developing their map drawing skills by drawing their classroom, using new knowledge of what a map key is and how a compass "rose" should be labeled with N, S, E. W.

First Grade Visit to Animal Allies

Coming Home Next Week......

On Wednesday, March 23, a progress report will be sent home in either your child's folder or their backpack. Please look for it. If you have any questions, call me at 336-8965 or email me at

Music in our Schools: You are invited to come watch your child in their music classroom on March 21, from 12:55-1:25!

Mustache Friday, March 11

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