W.W Jacobs

30 Fasts about W.W Jacobs

  1. He was most known because of his famous story "The Monkey's Paw"
  2. He was born in London, England
  3. Born on September 8, 1863
  4. He was the eldest son
  5. Jacob and his family were poor
  6. He attended a private school in London,
  7. Went to Birkbeck College
  8. His early stories were tentative and naive
  9. His birth sign is Virgo
  10. His most famous story is the Monkey's Paw
  11. He wrote more than 158 short stories
  12. In 1897, he became a clerk in the civil service
  13. While serving as a clerk, he began submitting sketches and occasional pieces to magazines
  14. William Wymark Jacobs is his full name
  15. Died in 1943
  16. William Gage Jacobs and Sophis are his parents
  17. Died at age 79
  18. It is certain that he may have suffered from a terminal illness because wrote very little in the last decade of his life
  19. His father was wharf manager at the South Devon wharf at Lower East Smithfield
  20. He wrote short storied and novels
  21. He published his first short story in 1885
  22. He was married in 1900 and had a daughter
  23. The Strand Magazine accepted one of his stories in 1895
  24. His first novel, A Master of Craft, appeared in 1900
  25. For amusement and extra money, Jacobs wrote humorous stories about the activities of people in villages along the Thames
  26. He was one of the most popular humorists of the early 1900s
  27. His first volume had immediate success
  28. He died September 1
  29. He had 3 boys and 1 girl
  30. His early stories were tentative and naive but the were enough to show that he had promise upon further development in a career as a writer