Spanish Class Happenings

Sra. Gasque's Classes

Happy Conference Week!!!

This week we are dismissing students at 2:30 and meeting with parents who want conferences face-to-face and by phone. If you decide you need a conference, please let us know so we can make the arrangements!

Spanish 1 Traditional

Project week! We are using lots of class time to prepare for our projects. Each day, students have been given tasks that they will be able to plug into their projects. We will begin putting things together tomorrow. I expect students to be able to discuss their schedules without reading notes and prompts by the end of this week. They will be able to ask and answer: Where are you at what time? Where are you going? And last, what are you going to do there? Here is the agenda we are following:

Monday – Introduce “Ir”+a+ Infinitive and Intro “Horario” Project

Tuesday – Practice with “ir” and work on project

Wednesday – Review and practice Interrogatives and apply to project

Thursday – Project prep day

Friday – Projects due and Quiz

I am looking forward to seeing some great work!

Spanish 1 Block

We are presenting our projects this week as we also prepare for our exam. These two assessments will give students an opportunity to demonstrate what they know! They are expected to be able to describe themselves and others without using notes or reading from prompts. Take a look at our agenda for the week if you have questions!

Monday - Presentation Preparation

Tuesday – Presentation Preparation and, Tener Stations (Part 2)

Wednesday – Presentations and Study Guide

Thursday – Study Guide review

Friday – Exam

Spanish 2 Traditional

We are being introduced to Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns. The neat thing is that we have been using these things since Spanish 1 so it is not totally new knowledge! We are also using this time to continue practicing how to talk about who did what in the past to whom. Whew! Students will be expected to work on their study guides so we can review together on Thursday before Friday's exam. The agenda for the week is below!

Monday - Vocabulary and DOP Practice

Tuesday – Indirect Object Pronoun Practice and S.G.

Wednesday – IOP Practice and S.G. Q&A

Thursday – S.G. review

Friday – Exam

Spanish 2 Block

We are still talking about the past using the Preterit tense! I've described it like an onion with many layers, and a few tears due to so much memorization (smiles). We are making headway and need to keep pressing on. Here is this week's agenda. There is a project looming on the horizon along with a few quizzes!

Monday – Irregular and Stem-changing verbs in Preterit

Tuesday – Stem changing verbs and project intro

Wednesday – Project Workday

Thursday – Project Workday

Friday – Projects wrapped up along with Preterit Homework assignments