What's in Store for Grade 4?

Mrs. Jackson's Class - September 30, 2016

Mark Your Calendar!

  • Monday, October 3rd - Picture Day (uniforms required); Marathon $65 T-Shirt Incentive Due Date
  • Wednesday, October 19th - Marathon Day!
  • Thursday, October 20th-Tuesday, October 25th - No School
  • Friday, October 28th - Prairie Planting Day
  • Monday, October 31st - Classroom Halloween Party (more information soon!)
  • Thursday, November 3rd - End of 1st Quarter
  • Friday, November 4th - No School

Monthly Newsletter

I am so excited to be sharing our "What in Store for Grade 4?" newsletters with you via Smore! 4th grade will be sending out formal newsletters to families at the end of each month. These monthly newsletters will contain fun pictures sharing what we've been doing in the classroom, along with informational articles written by the students themselves (starting with next month's newsletter).

You may also receive additional Smore newsletters (frequency will be as needed) from me containing any other important information that I need to communicate.

I look forward to communicating with you through this fun and new format!

SCPA All-School Marathon

Our class is at 60% of our $3,000 goal for the SCPA Marathon! WOW!! Thank you so much for your support and donations! Fundraising continues until Marathon Day on October 19th, so keep up the fantastic work!

Remember that you must complete a t-shirt request form by 5:00 P.M. on October 3rd if your child has met the $65 incentive goal. If you do not complete the request, your child will receive a t-shirt in an adult small size.

History & Science

We have been studying maps and mountains in history and rounded out our first unit of the year by creating salt dough mountains!

Groups finished their continents today by adding paint to show the various elevations of the land and sea. They look FANTASTIC and students had a ton of fun creating them!

We will be starting science on Monday and will be studying The Nature of Science and Technology & Engineering. Students will be able to participate in some fun hands-on experiments and observations as we learn together!

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Reading/Language Arts/Writing


We have been working in our first theme in reading, which is centered around the concept of Risks and Consequences. We have had some great discussions as a class and students are doing a fantastic job!


We are beginning to work through some grammar lessons in our Voyages workbooks. So far, we have been talking about complete sentences and the various types of sentences.

Students have also been creating a flip book containing the various parts of speech. Each page is dedicated to a part of speech and includes a definition and various examples. They will be helpful tools and resources to assist us as we work throughout the year!


In writing, we have been talking about descriptive paragraphs. Students enjoyed designing their own Lego Mini-Figure and then wrote descriptive paragraphs to describe the figure by using specific details. We have also been reading lots of sample descriptive writing paragraphs and discussing what makes each one a well-written and detailed piece. We will be brainstorming and drafting a sample together before students write one of their own.


All three math classes have been working very hard and are learning a lot! Your child's math teacher will contact you with additional details and information as soon as our classes and grade book become accessible within Synergy.