Watching stars shoot across the sky By: Beau Felmer Hour 4

Basic information about astronomers

  • Work location include research, development and testing laboratories, and university's.
  • Most astronomers work 40-30 hour a week, days and nights.
  • Field is related to physics.
  • Study radio Rays, X rays, cosmic rays.
  • Most have doctoral degrees.
  • Earn on average 85,000 a year.
  • May design astronomical instruments.
  • Most teach or conduct research and present findings.
  • Astronomers don't just look at the stars, they research the entire universe.
  • Job seekers will find keen job opportunities.

Pros and Cons of becoming an Astronomer


  • Astronomers enjoy the challenge of exploring space and the galaxies.
  • You might even get to name a new category of astronomical object, or discover something very remarkable and unexpected
  • Most collage student get there schooling payed by through goverment agency's and grants.


  • The down side is that the quality of jobs in astronomy is decreasing as tempory jobs lasting 1-2 years with low salary, are offsetting, tenured or civil service, positions.
  • Work irregular hours, days and nights.
  • As technology advances, astrophysicist mucky constantly develop new skills.

What do you need to succeed in this career?

Helpfull High School Courses-

  • Math, Science, English, and Social Studies
  • Advanced Chemistry, Physics, and Statistics and Probability.

Helpful Collage Cources-

  • (AP) Calculus
  • (AP) Geometry
  • (AP) Physics
  • (AP) Trigonometry

What colleges can I attend to earn my degree

University of Indiana, Bloomington

Website adress:

Adress: 107 S. Indiana Avenue

Phone number: 812-855-4848


  • Their is a ton of extracurricular clubs you can get involved with.
  • Mathematics and science will be fulfilled by major.
  • Online degree programs by IU are high ing ranked.

  • Well known school, so there is going to be a lot of people.
  • You are required to take 3 foreign languages.
  • It can be difficult to get into the school with bad grades.
Minnesota state University, Moorhead


  • There are 7,500 active students, smaller school.
  • More than 120-plus student clubs and organizations offer endless opportunities to learn, share, get involved and meet new people.
  • The Office of Student Activities is dedicated to providing a variety of leadership programs, opportunities, and resources.

  • It's expensive to get in.
  • Far from home.
  • The school could partake in more athletic clubs.
University of Southern California

Website Adress:

Adress: Los Angeles , CA 90033

Phone Number: (323) 442-2000


  • Awesome extracurricular class and clubs.
  • More academic opportunities than any other American university,a vibrant campus life, a location in the heart of a dynamic world.
  • Division 1 school

  • Vary expensive to get into the school.
  • Huge school with a ton of people.
  • Really far from home.

Associations/Professional organization for this career

Holmen Asteonomy Club


Adress: Holmen Wisconsin 54626 USA


Iawa County Astronomers


Adress- 333 Haris Mineral point, Wi

Job Advertisement

Do you like studying stars in the universe and like physics then astronomy if for you. Astronomers deign astronomical instruments which are usually used to explore space. Astronomers usually work in laboratory's and they work for government agency's. Astronomers work 30-40 hours a week days and nights. Most astronomers have doctoral degrees and they can earn on average 85,000 a year. Call 1-800 Astronomer to enroll in a club near you.


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