Welcome to Evans Cheer

with Coach Gilbert

Whose got spirit? We've got spirit! Let's go Evans Panthers!

23-24 Cheer Tryout Information

Please open each link on the form. You must register online.

2023-2024 Parent Meeting Google Slide Presentation

This is a great overview of Middle School Cheer.


Current and Upcoming Event information


Monday, Aug. 2nd 2021 at 12am

Online Cheer App

All future events/photos/information will be posted in the BAND app.


2022 Football Schedule

Attendance is Mandatory for EVERY game.

Basketball Schedule 22-23

We will cheer at 8 basketball games. Required to cheer at 4.

Cheer Information and Forms

Parent/Cheer Squad Meeting Google Slide

Click on this button for the "You Made it, What's Next" meeting information

Health & Safety


Game Day Cheer Links

Practice Cheers every week!

Band Chants

Band Dance/Chant

Need to learn!

Panthers EMS Chant

Need to Learn! Change the words to Panthers & EMS.

Dance Material

2022-2023 Tryout Material

Be sure to learn the material in the 22-23 Vimeo Tryout Videos folder. Some material is for both middle school and high school MS_HS and some are just for HS.

2021-2022 Tryout Material

For the CHEER, Cheerleaders need to learn the left and right performer motions, and Mascots need to learn the middle performer motions.

Panda Dance w/music

Must know the dance!

2019 Camp Dance Material

Must learn the dance!

Flexibility & Conditioning

Need Help with Flexibility

You can stretch and work on flexibility daily!

Cheer Motions

Cheer Event Photos