Welcome to Evans Cheer

with Coach Gilbert

Whose got spirit? We've got spirit! Let's go Evans Panthers!


Current and Upcoming Event information


Monday, Aug. 2nd, 12am

Online Cheer App

All future events/photos/information will be posted in the BAND app.


2021 Football Schedule

Attendance is Mandatory

Basketball Schedule

We will cheer at 4 basketball games.

Cheer Information and Forms

Parent/Cheer Squad Meeting Google Slide

Click on this button for the "You Made it, What's Next" meeting information

2021-2022 District Cheer Guidelines Handbook

Please read through the entire packet. There is a lot of important need to know information.

Coaches Information

The tryout information has NOT been released yet, but when it is released, you will find the link here!

Health & Safety


Game Day Cheer Links

Practice Cheers every week!

Band Chants

Band Dance/Chant

Need to learn!

Panthers EMS Chant

Need to Learn! Change the words to Panthers & EMS.

Dance Material

2021-2022 Tryout Material

For the CHEER, Cheerleaders need to learn the left and right performer motions, and Mascots need to learn the middle performer motions.

Panda Dance w/music

Must know the dance!

2019 Camp Dance Material

Must learn the dance!

Flexibility & Conditioning

Need Help with Flexibility

You can stretch and work on flexibility daily!

Cheer Motions

Cheer Event Photos