Linville Technology

by Ahmed Ahmed

Typing web

When i started doing typing web my typing improved and i was able to type faster.

Another reason i like this website is is because i can see my ranking in the class.

my last reason is that i was able to change my background.

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i tralier

Itrailer was fun i got to put pictures together and make a movie. Another reason why i like you can add music to the videos . Lastly i didn't like that you couldn't delete some of the slides
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Haiku Deck

I liked haiku deck because i got to share my dream job.I also liked it because i got to add a picture and then put a words on top of it . I didn't like it because it didn't work for me for this project.
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Explain Everything

I liked this app because i got to solve math problems. I liked the feature that it records you voice instead of typing it. The best thing i liked about is was that i could add pictures to it
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Go animate

Go animate was fun i got to make a story that i liked. My favorite thing i liked about it was the settings i got to choose where my character was. The one thing i didn't like about it was i couldn't put a animal in there.
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Career Locker

Career locker was fun because i got to explore school i might want to go to.What i really liked about it was a got to see how much the job pays.I got to see a lot of colleges that i didn't know about.
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