CSD Board Briefing

Cambrian School District, March 18, 2021

Property Redevelopment, Metzler A

The Governing Board unanimously approved a 99 year joint lease agreement contract with Silverado Memory Care for development of Metzler "A" property. The development of Metzler A has been under discussion for the last 2 years as to potential projects for the property.

The recommendation was made to lease the land to medical/senior projects or for multifamily development. Silverado Memory Care responded to the request for proposal and was determined to be the suitable partner for Cambrian School District. The district is not selling the land, but leasing the district property located at 1975 Cambrianna Drive. In addition to constructing their Silverado Memory Care they will also fund the construction of a community garden that our students and community will be able to utilize together.

The joint lease agreement presented outlines the project scope and economics. The benefit to the district is substantial in that it provides ongoing annual unrestricted revenue with the lease agreement, the district retains the property and Silverado Memory Care provides a resource for our local community.

To review the joint occupancy and lease agreement, click here.

To review Silverado company information, please click here.

To review the Metzler A redevelopment project presentation, please click here.

Budget: Assembly Bill 86 and Expanded Learning Opportunities

AB 86 was passed by the legislature and signed by the Governor on March 5, 2021. The bill provides $2.0 Billion for In-Person Learning Grants and an additional $4.6 Billion for Expanded Learning Opportunities Grants. The signing of AB 86 ends months of negotiations between the Newsom Administration, the Legislature, and key education stakeholders.

These grants will provide approximately $2.997 Million of one-time funds to the Cambrian School District to be expended by August 31, 2022. The acceptance of the funds does require the development of a comprehensive plan outlining how the District will utilize the funds to meet the requirements set out in the bill. Chief Financial Officer, Ms. Penny Timboe, updated the Governing Board on how these funds may be utilized (please see the presentation link below for details).

Dr. Carrie Andrews, Superintendent and Mr. Linh Nguyen, Assistant Superintendent of Ed Services, presented staff recommendations as to high priority items to be approved immediately so that planning and preparations may begin for summer learning opportunities. The Board approved the following priorities: summer expanded learning, summer professional development opportunities for staff and three professional development days for the 2021-22 school year.

To review the text of Assembly Bill 86, please click here.

To review the AB86 presentation, please click here.

Summer Expanded Learning Possible Options for 2021

The Governing Board approved to move forward with the Cambrian School District's Summer School options for 2021. The summer program options are intended to provide students who need additional support and extended learning opportunities with intensive targeted instruction in the areas of reading and math.

Mr. Linh Nguyen, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services, and Ms. Maggie Spehar, Director of Student Services, provided an overview of the possible summer programs available for students who qualify for these programs. Per AB86, priority for student participation will be given to students who are low-income, English learners, foster and homeless youth, students with exceptional needs and students who are in need of additional support to meet grade level standards in reading and math as well as social-emotional learning. The number of program offerings will be dependent on available staffing.

To review information about summer expanded learning opportunities, please click here.

Sartorette Community Mural Project

Principal Debbie Stein from Sartorette provided the Governing Board of Trustees an update on the community mural project that is underway at Sartorette Elementary School. The goal of Sartorette community mural is to be an uplifting project that will rally our community together with renewed spirit for our school, meaningful expression of pride for years to come and input from students, families, and staff is critical to ensure the mural represents all of us.

The muralist Cruz Wong shared a first rough draft of the mural. The mural was developed based on students, staff and community input. The Sartorette mural will represent a collaborative expression of the school community and inspire a renewed sense of pride now as students return to campus and for years to come.

To see mural information and a rough draft, please click here.

Measure R: Facility Projects Prioritization (Phase II)

The Governing Board of Trustees reviewed the master list of potential Measure R facility projects. There was a discussion amongst the Board, staff and consultants from RGM kramer and SFA as to the needs in the Cambrian School District.

Both RGM Kramer and SFA have worked with District staff to perform a review of the Facilities Master Plan and Measure I project list to provide an updated Needs Assessment and recommended projects for the Measure R Bond Program. In preparation for a future meeting the Board members will independently determine their top priorities where a discussion will unfold as to their top priorities amongst the Board members and staff.

Once the Board priorities are established for Phase II and Phase III are established stakeholder input will be collected by school sites in the future to determine overall stakeholder perspective.

To review CSD’s Bond Program Budget, please click here. To view the CSD Bond Program Project Prioritization materials, please click here.

Measure R: Facility Projects Prioritization (Phase 1) Contracts

The Governing Board of Trustees approved Measure R phase 1 projects at the February 22nd Board Meeting. At the March 18th Board meeting the Governing Board unanimously voted to approve all six contracts represented on the summary pages for phase 1 projects. The documents provided are the master contracts for Phase I of the Measure R bond program for both Construction Management and Architect Services. The contracts presented here are for Price but are representative of the contracts submitted for each individual site for Phase I work. A summary document of the subsequent contracts is provided for reference as to the contracts for the other 5 sites.

To view CSD Measure R Initial Budget Approvals, please click here.

To view CSD’s Phase I architectural and CM contracts, please click here.

To view the contract for modernization services (phase I) between RGM Kramer and CSD for Price Middle School, please click here.

To view the contract between CSD and Sugimura Finney Architects for Price’s modernization project Phase I, please click here.

Redevelopment of District Property Contract (Phase IV)

The Governing Board of Trustees approved a Phase IV contract with Terra Realty Advisors to further the work on the above named projects at a "not to exceed" rate of $75,000 for the remainder of the 2021 calendar year.

At the June 10, 2019, Board Meeting the Governing Board of Trustees entered into contract with Terra Realty Advisors to investigate potential redevelopment of District properties. Subsequent contracts for Phase II & Phase III were entered into on October 21, 2019 and March 25, 2020 respectively. The Phase IV contract proposed here continues the work on Metzler A, Metzler C, and the Firehouse, and adds additional consulting support for potential negotiations necessary for property in the "North 40" project which encompasses a portion of land development within the Cambrian School District boundaries.

Attached is the Board requested contract with Terra Realty Advisors to continue with the preliminary investigation of district-owned properties for revenue-generating potential. To review the scope of services for Phase IV, please click here.

Next Board Meeting

The next virtual meeting of the CSD Governing Board will be Thursday, April 1 at 7 p.m. A link to login to the meeting will be sent out the week of the meeting. The public is welcome to attend.