Hand-Ice Coordination

BY: Levi Sandidge


Is your dominant hand more sensitive than your nondominant hand?


I think that your dominant hand is more sensitive. Therefore, it won't last as long. I think this because you use your dominant hand more so it is used to being warmer.


  • Thermometer

  • Timer

  • Icewater

  • People

  • Container

  • Paper and Pencil



Dominant Hands


How long each hand lasts in the water

Controlled Variables:

Water Temperature, Room Temperature, and Location.


  1. Fill a tub with ice water.

  2. Take the temperature of the water.

  3. Ask the subject to place their hands in the water and take each hand out when it is unbearable and see if you can keep one in longer than the other.

  4. Say go and start the timer.

  5. Write down time for when each hand is removed.

  6. Write down the results.

  7. Repeat steps 2-6

  8. Analyze the results.


The definition of your dominant hand: The hand used for fine motor skills like brushing your teeth, writing and using a fork. Touch is the most important sense and the oldest sense. 15% of all people are left handed. Left handed people are more likely to be geniuses.


When I entered the data I saw almost everyone took their hands out ot the same time. I tested 25 people and they most likely wanted to be out of the water as fast as they can.


I could not find a rule or thing they follow. My hypothesis was incorrect. Most people took their hand out at the same time.



A Natural History of The Senses By: Diane Ackerman pg. 80