My New Room

By: Riley Rourk

I think that getting my new room with decorations will represent...

  • Independence
  • personality
  • what i am like

When I get a good room that I am comfortable with...

  • Better sleep
  • more time to parents
  • More fun and hangouts for kids
  • More Bonding time for kids and parents without begging and complaining for new things.

When You want your kid to be happy...

  • say go ahead and play no complaints
  • See what they want to do in their new room
  • Parties w/ parents
  • memories

When your kid is bored...

  • invite a friend over the kids will be distracted in the room
  • go play a game in the room
  • send them to their rooms

During night:

  • Go tell them to take a shower the quicker you get in the quicker it takes to get to your new room.
  • Kids are eager to go to their rooms
  • Kids are eager to get to bed

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MY NEW ROOM! (Room Tour!)


You see when kids get what they want they are appreciative.