November and December 2014

Goodbye Fall, Hello Winter!

Halloween Was a Hoot!

Miss. McLaughlin's Grade 1 and 2's were thrilled to celebrate Halloween at GCCSC. Western teachers organized Facepainting, Bobbing for Apples, Mystery Bowls, Wrap the Mummy, Witch Hat Toss, Pumpkin Bowling, and other fun activities for students. The students and teachers looked great in their costumes!

November's Performance and Open House

On November 7th, Miss. McLaughlin's grade one class was visited by many parents and community members. Afterwards, performances were put on by the entire school. An exciting day was had by all.
Sight Words 'the' 'of' 'with' and 'on' have been added to the Word Wall! At the End of November, students will be tested on the AT pattern, new Sight Words, and P, S, N.
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