Complete Health Transformation

Bless your family, on November 16th!

Attend an unforgettable Health and Wellness class...

Come learn how to Completely Transform your family's health!!

Discover how to improve the quality of your sleep, achieve an even-keeled disposition (say no to PMS and Menopausal symptoms), acquire an elevated mood, increase your energy level, achieve fat loss and better muscle tone, get healthier hair, healthier gums, and stronger nails, smoother, clearer skin and complexion, balanced and strengthened immune system, an increased desire to eat more fruits and veggies, and a decrease in the amount of fast food and soft drinks.

If you've been praying about health answers, COME! If you know others who could use health information that can TRANSFORM their daily lives, BRING THEM!

If you've ever wondered how to get and stay healthy...

Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, Maria Bemont, will be sharing specifics on how the body works, and how your entire family can gain optimal health and long-term wellness.

Find out how children can receive whole-food nutrition for free, through a Children's Research Foundation project!!

About our Guest Speaker...

Maria Bemont has been helping people reverse illness and disease for 12 years. She holds a degree as a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, and has achieved this with highest honors. She has been married to her hero for 20 years, and they have four incredibly well-behaved, and healthy children.

At the age of 45, she feels and looks better than she did as a teenager. All the glory goes to God, who's been calling her to this since she was seven years old! It is her greatest passion to serve the Lord by helping YOU get healthy and well. Her specialty is helping patients who have not been able to find answers through conventional means, or even through other alternative medicine. Her hope is that YOU are seeking her out before you or loved ones are in an emergency state!! No matter where you are on the health spectrum: YOU WILL BE BLESSED!!

Complete Transformation details

Saturday, November 16th, 2pm. Please RSVP, and bless your friends by brining one or two with you!