Shel Silverstein

By: Sydney

About him

He was born in Chicago, Illinois on September 25,1930. He started to draw at an early age of 12 he graduated in school in 1948. He studyed fine arts. Soon he dropped out and joined the army on September 1953. When he was in the army his cartoons were published in pacific Stars and Stripes magazine. His first book take ten was published in 1955.

He wrote a light in the attic in 1981

That up scaled shel popularity.

Here are some poems that he wrote.

He wrote the book where the side walk ends in 1974

Career when he was an author

In 1963 shel started writing children's books. The giving tree was a poem that brought shel to be as famous as he was. He had a slow start but soon sales picked up and he became a best seller author.

This is a pic of shel

My Movie 4