Patrick Henry Post

November 15, 2019

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This week we had a short week because of Veterans' Day on Monday, November 11th. In the last Patrick Henry Post, I mentioned that we were on a journey of gratitude this month in honor of Thanksgiving. I would like to take a moment to recognize the impact of our Veterans, and thank them for their service. Because of their sacrifice, we have remained a free nation that values a free and public education system. I am proud to serve my students and the families of my communities, but I also get to go home at the end of each day to my own family. The men and women in the Armed Forces often do not get to go home to their families, and their sacrifice is a special gift to us. Please join me in thanking them for their role in maintaining our freedom and protecting peoples around the world.


We used our four days of school this week to have some wonderful experiences with our students. First up, our kindergarteners got to have a fantastic session with our roving chef! They learned how to cook amazing fajitas, and the lesson came complete with chef hats! Our students learned a lot and they got to eat the lesson itself!
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This week, our new counselor, Mrs. Jennifer Ayeni, reported to duty at Patrick Henry! We are so excited to have her on staff and get our students familiar with our latest staff member. Mrs. Ayeni is coming to us from Kentucky with a wealth of teaching and counseling experience. Our kindergarten students were lucky enough to have a mini reading session with her this week. Welcome, Mrs. Ayeni!


This week, Dr. Rogers' dad, Mr. Rogers, came to take some beautiful pictures of our amazing students reading in the new Reading Room. Thank you to Ms. Shea and Ms. Versen for changing their schedules to get their classes into the room for a special reading/photo session! The pictures were too pretty to keep all to ourselves, so take a look at some of the great things happening in our new room! Sign up for a time slot of your own so that your students can experience the magic.
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It might be getting cold and blustery outside right now, but the gardens are still working hard! Ms. Patti's students helped prepare the garden beds for an important winter rest so they will be ready for the spring planting season. Thank you to all of our classrooms that work so hard throughout each season to make sure our garden stays healthy and growing!
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