West Olympia CC October 22

Foundations & Essentials Break Week, Challenge Week 9

Challenge Overview for Week 9

  • Challenge II is reading "Pride and Prejudice" and starting a big project of writing an Art Grant.

  • Challenge I is made clouds today in science using a 2 liter bottle, water, and a match! This week they will be reviewing Latin and catching up on areas they are weak on, and summarizing "The New Colossus" by Emma Lazarus.

  • Challenge B is beginning to look for ideas for their science fair project, and looking for articles on amnesty for Illegal immigrants for Current Events.

  • Challenge A is researching Trees and Flowers for their science presentations and reviewing the Western Hemisphere for Geography (Cartography) and preparing to draw Europe.

Tin Whistle Starts in Foundations this week - here's some inspiration for you!

Tin Trio

Foundations & Essentials: More than just memorization

Foundations was created to support the amazing growth and preparation that takes place in the Challenge Years. The grammar, fine arts, science and skills learned in presentations are all chosen to develop the skills that will give our children the means to serve the Lord in whatever way he calls them as they grow.

We often hear the term "holes in an education." It seems to be a common fear of educators in all areas. But is it possible not to have holes? Will we ever know EVERYTHING there is to know - about even ONE subject? Of course not.

But what if we had the SKILLS that allowed us to tackle anything that came our way? Writing? Research? Critical Thinking? Logic? Reading something that really isnt interesting to us? Memorizing a needed set of facts - quickly? Understanding our own language so we can learn another? Speaking to a group of people?

When we work hard at learning these skills, then we will be available to be used of God wherever he may put us. And we never know what God is preparing us for when we do the often mundane work that education sometimes brings our way.

Like memorizing Latin Declensions... :)

Director Spotlight: Cathy Barbuto, Challenge I

Cathy has been married for 16 years to her wonderful husband, Rich. Together they have two children, Ellie (Challenge I) & Nick (Challenge A).

Cathy has been part of the Classical Conversations community for 5 years. The first three years she was a Foundations tutor. This is her second year directing a Challenge level. Last year she directed Challenge B. Moments she loves in the classroom – when her Challenge 1 students burst out singing a foundations history song during a discussion of American history!

This is her 6th year homeschooling her children. She enjoys learning alongside her kiddos & being directly involved with their education.

When she has time to herself she enjoys gardening, photography, hiking, horseback riding & taking her little dogs on walks.

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