MY 2014-2015 SCHOOL YEAR


Why is this year so memorable?

Here's why...

'The life-changing year of 2014-2015' - the reason I can think back on this year as such is because of the many changes that occurred in my life during that period of time. This year, I began middle school, and I finally transitioned to a new school after 7 years at elementary. I became a much faster athlete, started watching the 10-year hit show, Grey's Anatomy, and I will soon become a teenager. Most importantly, however, I met 2 friends that are anything but ordinary, 2 friends that are much more than merely my friends. These 2 friends are exceptional. They are exceptional, and their names are Kaia and Angela.
Grey's Anatomy Opening (Cosy in the rocket- Psapp)
A show I began watching recently is 'Grey's Anatomy.' This is its theme song.


Impact on my life...

These changes affected my life in ways I couldn't possibly explain. As a 7th grader, soon to be 8th, I am encouraged to be more responsible and mature, and being a 7th grader changes the way I used to view myself. CVMS has helped me become a better athlete which is key in tennis, the sport I play. Watching 'Grey's Anatomy' might not sound like a significant change in my life, but it's actually the other way around. I've never really known what I want to become when I "grow up," but this show has somewhat influenced my mindset about my future career. Watching the show, I may be leaning towards becoming a surgeon. Turning 13 is no ordinary change either. It is a milestone in every kid's life, in which they are promoted to teenagers. Lastly, Angela and Kaia have changed my life in ways I can't even explain, in ways I have no words to describe. They became the friends I've always wanted, friends that are sure to stick with you your entire life. If anything, I wish I would've overcome my old habit of procrastination. Although, I am thrilled and looking forward to yet another year at CVMS, this time as an 8th grader. All in all, the 2014-2015 school year has been a year I will never forget, and always cherish.

created by Gopika Y.