Dazzling Dolphins!

By: Briana Keenan


Did you know that there’s a mammal that lives in the ocean and never fully falls asleep so they can breathe? The playful creature that does this is a dolphin. These dogs of the sea definitely have a lovely habitat, unique body structure, and a fascinating diet.


Weren’t you amazed by how charming the dolphins’ natural habitat is? Can you believe how grand their body and moves are? Isn’t it surprising how every day, dolphins eat five percent of their body weight and how interesting it is how they obtain their food in packs? As you can see, dolphins are wonderful animals and are very amusing to learn about.

Dolphins Quiz

Acrostic Poem

Down below, there's an acrostic poem on these lovely leapers. As you read it, you will see interesting facts that you may or may not know.

Dazzling in their shiny grey skin

Over 500 meters; they sure can dive!

Love swimming with people

Playful during mating season

Have helped people during depr

Incredible hearing and eyesight

Not always fun for them to be in shows

Sharks are threatened by their noses because they poke hardly

By: Briana Keenan 2016


Here's a three minute video of one of these intelligent organisms answering questions. Man they are intelligent!
Super Smart Dolphin Answers Questions - Extraordinary Animals - Earth


Here is a fascinating diorama that includes the habitat and surroundings of a dolphin
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Go Fish!

During the class, Go Fish I had a blast. Ava, Catie, Alexa, and I brainstormed and came up with a lovely tank that will support our fish. Our theme was rainbow and the types of fish we included are two neon tetras, two cerith snails, a male halfmoon betta, a red female veiltail betta, three Australian rainbowfishes, a blonde delta guppy, a bloodfish tetra, a comet goldfish, and a blue ring angelfish. To support the fish, we needed 20 gallons of water and the other necessities such as food, a thermometer and many other things. We also got some decorations, which are the Penn Plax aqua plant, a coral reef with a silk plant, a castle, rainbow gems, a Nemo statue, flowerballs, a blue purple leaf,al swirl stones. Lastly, we spent $148.27. All in all, this activity was very enjoyable.

Below, there is a picture of two Australian Rainbowfish. This is my personal favorite from this project!

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