Recognition and Rewards

The Owlistas

Month of November Total Team Sales $214,678.50



Kelly Elder


Krista Burchett

Maranda Spicel

Janeen Mills

Cassie Garrison

Shannon Boros


Trish Treon

Elizabeth Murray

Ashley Murray

Rebecca Whaling

Renee Schoening

Denise Shamrowicz

Nancy Bard

Kimberly Beard

Debra Posey-Velasquez

Sarah DeLauter

Andrea Barta

Erin Smith

Amanda Sizler

Nicole Best

Robert Bazan III

Kelly Ayers

Melissa Tebow

Beverly Fiegly

These amounts are from your Personal Volume (PV)


Sandra Bennett $512.50

Laura Reese $527.20

Beverly Fiegly $634.60

Emily Straus $658.90

Amber Casey $722.90

Nicole Johansen $501.10

Jalisa & Steve Orasko $519.50

Chrissie Didona $523.70

Jennifer VanderSlik $573.00

Whitney Moyer $590.60

Jennifer Wolford $659.30

Michelle Mathews $678.20

Lindzi Howder & Kaitie Wasko $692.20

Jennifer Abbott $696.60

Sabrina Evers $700.50

Ashlee Krol $701.70

amanda graham $703.70

Melissa Fiegly $720.15

Amber Skeans $723.70

Anna Weaver $726.70

Carly Pruch $727.00

Janessa Rodgers $739.80

Stephanie lounsbury $759.90

Laurie Watts $771.05

Chris Bridges $771.70

Victoria Schantz $786.50

Michelle Salus $788.35

Robyn Christensen $791.65

Susan Sweat $819.60

Nicole Frankoff $862.80

Jamie Hodge $921.30

Shannon Chappell $931.40

Katrina Hunerkoch $976.50

Alison Russell $977.30

Valerie Coleburn $989.00

Linda Ksiazak $513.60

Adele Vogt $532.70

Amanda Roberts $571.60

Shelly Browne $582.80

Kaila Becher $601.10

Andrea Barta $608.70

Bobbi Edwards $622.00

Rachael Wooley $672.80

Stacy Wood $720.70

Amber Juelsgaard $827.70

Irene Graham $854.90

Teresa Fitzgerald $961.30

Karen Swanegan $980.70

Maria Paxos $988.90

Kristen Hill $548.80

Martha Lagarde $607.80

Vicki Frierson $687.10

Judie Bouldry $803.00

Suzanne Schauer $831.45


Shannon Boros $1,025.20

Christopher Bailey & Melisa Kilbourne-Bailey $1,142.90

Mary Harral $1,174.20

Kristine Roath $1,274.00

Dana Gallagher $1,304.15

Marie Hunnicutt $1,615.10

Tifani Parker $1,766.50

Stephanie Beleal $1,850.65

Mariko Weaver $1,872.20

Ellen Batu $1,959.40

Maranda Spicel $1,005.40

Debbie Neiman $1,010.60

Natalie Boehm $1,014.70

Heather Webster $1,160.35

Janeen Mills $1,175.10

Jen Davis $1,201.90

Kristy & Skylar Sisler $1,221.60

Ann Evans $1,235.50

Beth Hensley $1,239.05

Beth Bowling $1,248.80

Debra Posey-Velasquez $1,257.60

Heidi Toot $1,268.80

Stacy Foster $1,304.60

Julia Oliver $1,381.50

Kate Switalski $1,453.60

Jeanni Finney $1,477.50

Rebecca Whaling $1,504.10

Heather Brown $1,642.80

Ashley Fox $1,661.40

Amanda Stoneman $1,724.10

Chantelle Bowser $1,781.60

Sarah DeLauter $1,794.40

Christie Huck $1,799.65

Shelly Gregory $1,990.90

Nancy Bard $1,995.90

SARA PRATER $1,079.50

Rachel Nottingham $1,083.60

Paula Stover-Avritt $1,164.25

Patricia Weaver $1,175.60

Nicole DeKay $1,366.40

Wendy Leininger $1,786.25

kimberly beard $1,883.40

Melissa Tebow $1,916.70

Anne Smith $1,148.60

Tina Howard $1,496.70

Nicole Best $1,654.50

$2,000- and up

BobbieJo Park $2,640.40

Kelly Elder $3,052.40

Karen Tucci $3,424.20

Kandy Doxey $4,055.80

Robin Deemer $7,184.35

Connie Krebs $2,020.40

Cindy Hummel $2,460.00

Linda Miller $2,481.70

Nicole Roethler $2,545.10

krista burchett $2,804.40

Melanie Schweikhardt $3,186.40

Carrie Koenig $3,332.05

Kathy Bommarito $3,432.10

Karen Rideout $3,442.30

Renee Schoening $3,799.50

Cassie Garrison $4,269.80

Kimberly Parsons $5,006.40

Jaclyn Atherton $2,015.95

Nancy Young $2,182.10

Fawn Morris $2,665.80

Toni Soliday $4,298.95

Kelly Ayers $4,457.50

Erin Smith $2,080.50

Jennifer Lewis $3,455.75

Top Team Sales

Karen Tucci $107,718.95

Dana Gallagher $23,337.25

Mariko Weaver $18,156.95

Kelly Elder $14,497.60

Robin Deemer $10,222.65

Melisa & Chris Bailey $6,310.85

These numbers are my frontline designer's Total Team Sales. I will post the teams that have team sales over $5,000.

And the winners are......

Each winner was chosen from

$500-$999 Level

Melissa Fiegly

$1,000-$1,999 Level

Stacy Foster

$2,000- and up Level

Kandy Doxey

Each winner will receive a Facebook Gift Card for $10!!! Congratulations Designers!!

Top Producer

Our Top Producer is Robin Deemer with $7,184.35 in Personal Volume!!!!!

Robin will receive a $20 Facebook Gift Card from me!! Congrats Robin!! :)

Top Recruiter- Mentor of the Month

Karen Tucci had 14 New Designers for the month of November!!

Karen will receive a $20 Facebook Gift Card! Congratulations Karen :)

DESIGNER OF THE MONTH~ also known as the FFG Award!! (Force For Good)

Kim Parsons

Kim was nominated by her mentor Karen Tucci. Kim, along with a few others from the team have been nominated this last month for showing great qualities of being a TRUE Force For Good! It was hard for me to choose just one of you but, I have to do it. :) Over the last few months Kim has begun to grow her team and has shown excellent leadership qualities! She leads by example every day and has taken our companies mission, to be A Force For Good, and use it to give back to others during this Christmas season. She and her team adopted a family for Christmas. Her team, The Hootin' Honey's, were able to provide some wonderful gifts for this family which may not have happened if it weren't for their generosity! :) Way to go Kim!! I am so proud of you and your team!! Thanks for setting a great example to your team and being a FORCE FOR GOOD!!!

Each month I will be choosing a Designer who has stood out in ways that are beyond the numbers. I began this journey with Origami Owl because I believed in their mission and I knew it was exactly what I want to instill into my team. I have been extremely blessed to have all of you on my team and even more blessed to know that most of you continue to carry out Origami Owl's mission, too. So why not be recognized for it? ;)

Here is what you need to do! Keep me posted on what you are doing in your community and outward. If you have a team member that you think deserves to be recognized for being a Force For Good please let me know and I will take note of it. I will take all of this into account when choosing the Designer Of the Month Reward. (aka FFG Reward)

This reward will be announced with the Sales rewards each month for the prior month. (Week of the 10th) Please make sure all notes and your referrals are to me by the last week of the month. This will give me enough time to decide who gets the reward!

*Designers can only be recognized twice in one year. Once every 6 months!

*Reward is a $20 Facebook Gift Card