Survival guide for Devon island

Brandon Prieto

Plane crash

your plane just crashed landed your scared and confused.stay calm and look for other survivors on the plane.

Devon island

your plane crashed in North America in the country Canada.Canada has several small mountain ranges the temperature is -24 to 12 degrees fahrenheit polar

Survival steps



While trying to survive you need to watch out for what kind of animals are out there.Polar bears are dangerous animals especially since your close to the arctic there are a lot of them and just like you they are trying to survive to you they are a predator but to them you are food.Muskoxen are like cow they just walk around they are no harm to you they are herbivores.Hares are rabbits but they live in cold places like Canada is is useful to you hares are good food food sources and you can use its fur for warmth


The flora is of no use and will not harm you this plant is used to feed muskoxen.