Woman Suffrage 1920

By, Sarah Gilley

woman who fought for rights

· Bella Abzug, for woman equal rights

· Involved in civil rights

· Held strike for peace for woman

· Wanted woman involved in the government

· National Women's Political Caucus(Betty Friedan, Bella Abzug, Shirley Chisholm)

* Shirley Chisholm was first black woman elected united states congress

* Maragant Brant was the first to demand to vote


* NWSA- national woman suffrage association 1869

* AWSA- american woman association

* Seneca falls N.Y

19th Amendment

· 1878 19th

amendment was introduced to congress tho failed to pass for the next 40 years

· 1919 they approved the amendment

· 1920 the amendment was ratified than became the 19th


individual states

* Didn't begin gaining rights till late 1800's

· December 1869 woman won the vote in territory of Wyoming.

· Wyoming entered union as a woman suffrage state.

· Colorado adopted woman suffrage in 1893

· 1920 15 states, most in west have got voting opportunities for woman.


*USA became independent nation, gave states the decision if woman were allowed to vote.

* men&woman were called for woman to have equal rights for education,property, voting.

* People who opposed woman suffrage thought woman didn’t have enough intelligence to vote

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Assessment question

Woman were very upset they had held many protest. They held groups and more groups like NWSA and the Seneca Falls in NY. They knew men would go against them but they kept persevering threw it . Fighting for what they wanted and what they thought was right. woman like Bella Abzug held strike for woman . National Women's Political Caucus(Betty Friedan, Bella Abzug, Shirley Chisholm) they made this group to fight for woman rights . The rights were mostly on woman education and voting rights. Tho there amendment didn't go threw the first time they kept trying, and finally it became a amendment . They didn't quit and kept going.
Women's Suffrage in the 20th Century