Golden age of Ancient Greece

By Kaya Hogan

What is the golden age of Greece?

The golden age of Greece is a time period in Greece when everyone was at peace and united. At this time In Greece the government was improving along with the technology and also the culture.

Greece improving.

During the Golden Age of Ancient Greece a lot of things were improving. Such as art, culture and warefare. The two main city-states doing this were Athens and Sparta. beautiful statues were built to honor the gods. The greeks also wrote amazing plays during this time. The Olympic games also were created and a lot of these things are still around today.

Athens VS Sparta.

The two rivals of Ancient Greece were Athens and Sparta. They were close together on the map but far apart in what they valued and how they lived their lives. Sparta believed in a military lifestyle with strict rules and breeding children to join the military. Athens had more freedom you could get a good education you could pursue several kinds of arts and sciences.