The Killer Earthquake

By Claire


When and Where

It happened in Sydney at 3:01 on march the 3rd 2018.It only lasted for a minute but it made the town scream with fear.


It was 10 pm I was getting into bed. I awoke to my dog, (Billy)he was on my bed scratching my bedding so I told him to get off but he jumped straight back on when we heard a noise like thunder I turned to check the time it was 3:01. I ran out side and saw every one screaming!


All of a sudden the ground started to quake beneath my feet, at that moment my legs began to move apart! I looked down and aw a ginormous crack running down the road and through my legs! I quickly jumped out of the way as I realised I was standing on two different plates at the same time. I saw big sky scrapers fall, nocking smaller buildings down. Surprisingly I saw my teacher miss Doyle through he dust. She yelled out to me "Remember what I taught you about earthquakes get under a table and hide! There where people every where running out of their houses screaming as they ran down the street. As I walked down the street all I could see where people under ruins of buildings, it was a horrible site.


After I saw the worst thing I could ever see! It was Katherine she was trapped beneath parts of buildings holding her baby brother. "Take care of him" she started to say. Out of the blue Billy(my dog) came and started to push building parts away and off Katherine's body to set her free. She ran out grabbing billy and hugging and kissing his head as she was so grateful for what he just did for her, then she got up hugged her baby brother and then hugged me as we where both terrified of what just happened!!!!! We looked back and just stared at the crack in the ground.
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Katherine's interveiw

I started to interview Katherine but she was soon taken to hospital but here's what she said:" I was terrified when a building collapsed on top of me! I just survived by Claire's dog Billy, he pushed the building parts off of my body so I was able to get out beneath the heavy parts I owe my life to that dog but I am so grateful and happy that my brother, family and friends survived the earthquake".


I was and still am very depressed, I am still emotional about this, I hate earthquakes why then why this street, why my friends, why me??
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