Williams Syndrome

By: Pedro Fernandez

Description Of Disorder

  • It's a development disorder that affects many parts of the body.
  • Characterized by medical problems, including cardiovascular disease, development delays, and learning disabilities.
  • Affects 1 in 10,000 world wide and less estimate of 20,00 to 30,000 in the United States


  • Learning Disorders
  • Feeding Problems
  • Speech Delays
  • Inward Bend Pinky Finger
  • Physical Description- Wide mouth, Small upward nose, Widely spaced teeth, and full lips.

Genetic Cause

  • Family Member had it
  • One copy of the chromosome 7 in each cell is sufficient enough to cause the disorder.
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Support 1. Williams Syndrome Association

This organization helps the parents or for anyone that knows who has the syndrome because it has the therapies they can take and helps if you have doubts of your child having the disorder, it has a column to find out the symptoms.

Support 2. Williams Syndrome changing lives foundation

Williams Syndrome Changing Lives Foundation was formed to enhance the lives of children and adults with Williams syndrome by providing needed financial assistance with medical, educational, developmental, therapeutic and recreational resources.

How To Detect It

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Impact On Families

If one of your children has Williams Syndrome, it's unlikely your next child will have the disorder.
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