Scientific Fiction

Maze Runner


A genre is a kind of literary or artistic work. In this report I am discovering fiction and the sub genre is science fiction. To help me analyze scientific fiction better I read the book Maze Runner and a while back I read The Lord of The Rings. In the Future I'm looking to read the rest of the maze runner series.


The reason why I chose to analyze and read about science fiction is because it is the genre that interests me the most in all novels that I have read in the past. I also think many of the other students my age enjoy science fiction like I do because we can some way relate to the story and they all hook the reader with all the new ideas and creatures that we don't see today, this sub genre helps open students minds and make them have a bigger imaginary then what they already had.

Science Fiction

Science Fiction involves current or future technology in some stories and others are based on different time periods of history like in the upcoming future or past. Other genre do not have these elements that make up science fiction.

Maze Runner

In the Maze Runner there are many things that are obviously not true. There is no Glade outside of our yard or anything and terrifying monsters trying to kill you when you walk out. The setting of the story changes the way the characters act and not like us normal people. This story is science fiction because it is based on a new or old time period but either way different than the one we have now.

Literary Elements

Like in all genres all contain all of the literary elements but each one has a main. I think in Science fiction the most important one is Tone or Mood because that is what drives the writer and reader through the book. For example in the Maze Runner without all the scary monsters and the glade there would be a bunch of random people walking around calmly behind the brick walls but by adding the glade and monsters adds more suspense and interest into the characters and readers.


The good thing about genre is that all genders, ethnic groups , multicultural people can enjoy this genre! There is no specific boy or girl thing in any of the novels it is a broad picture of things that could happen in the future or something's that have already happened before. There is no certain race to science fiction it is to entertain and inform some possible new things that could happen.