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Student of the Month

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Grade 12: Alexa Celis

Grade 11: Jayden Baca

Grade 10: Sharlize Antigua

Grade 9: Chayce Chandler

Grade 8: James Bernstock

Staff of the Month

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Please join us in congratulating our December Staff Member of the Month, Ms. Monika Young. Monika joined our district in 2018 and in only a short time, has made an enormous impact on our athletic program. Monika begins each afternoon meeting with students to ensure they are prepared, healthy, and in the right mindset for their practice or a game. She goes above and beyond for students providing, care, advice, and even food for our athletes, and is a fan favorite for sure! She truly cares about our school and the people in it and takes pride in her work. When nominating, one colleague stated, “Miss Monika is Bogota's Unsung Hero. The amount of time and energy she dedicates to our student-athletes physically, mentally, and emotionally is outstanding. From speaking to my own female athletes, I know they respect her in the highest regard and go to her with whatever problems or concerns they have. There are days when she is putting in almost 13 hours, coming from JAG Therapy right to Bogota to do whatever she can for the coaches and students. Miss Monika's personality, humor, and care are contagious! I can genuinely call her a friend and a great colleague. On behalf of the coaches, we are so appreciative to have her at BHS!” While another says, “I have had the pleasure of working with Monika for a few years now and have seen her in action. She loves working with the students and getting them back in shape to continue their activities. She is great at what she does. She not only takes care of the students but also the staff when they need her. She is a great asset to our school and I’m happy she is ours. With that, I would like to say congratulations to our December Staff Member of the Month, Ms. Monika Young, and thank you for all you do for our staff and students.

A Message from our Athletic Trainer

In lieu of last month's Monday night football game that occurred with Damar Hamlin of the Buffalo Bills, who went into cardiac arrest following a routine tackle, I would like to shine a light on the role and importance of an athletic trainer. First, let me introduce myself. My name is Ms. Monika, the athletic trainer at Bogota Jr./Sr. High School. What’s an athletic trainer? What is it that I do? Glad you asked! Athletic trainers are not personal trainers. ATs are highly qualified, multiskilled healthcare professionals [in collaboration with physicians], who render service or treatment that include primary care, injury and illness prevention, wellness promotion and education, emergent care, examination and clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention, and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions. Whew, that was a mouthful!

Athletic trainers were the first to respond when Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field; the Buffalo Bills assistant athletic trainer being the one to administer CPR on the field. Participating in any activity carries a risk. Whether in professional sports or high/middle school settings, ATs help to reduce the risk. Although rare, sudden death and catastrophic injury can occur in youth sports. Having an athletic trainer on-site allows for immediate response if a life-threatening situation arises. ATs work with coaches, administrators and other school district staff to mitigate risk to student athletes and the school. The athletic trainer’s primary focus is on the needs and safety of the student athlete. The AT must consistently monitor students, facilities, activities and daily procedures to ensure that any injury that can be preventable injury is avoided.

For more information about athletic trainers in the high school setting, please visit AtYourOwnRisk.org.


Makerspace is offering Hand Embroidery for students to try during the school day for the month of January. There is also a Maker Event "Learn to Crochet" being offered after school on 1/23 and 1/30 open to all students.

International Thespian Society

Members of the International Thespian Society, an honor society for theatre students, attended the New Jersey State Thespian Festival on January 7th. All students who competed earned Excellence ratings in the Monologues and Musical Theatre Solo categories. Congratulations!

A Great NJIT Day!

Bogota Junior and Senior students received a presentation from the NJIT admissions office, a tour of the campus, and a complimentary lunch in the student dining hall.

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Educational Programs drive the need to update facilities. The School Community believes that the students deserve facilities that support the academic, social, emotional, wellness and creative opportunities available to them.


The safety of the students and staff has always been a priority. However, now more than ever, it is crucial to ensure that our schools have all the physical systems and technologies available to protect our students & staff.


So much of what keeps school/facilities running smoothly is the condition of the systems and infrastructure “behind the scenes.” The roofing, windows, heating systems, tech network, and much more are at the core of keeping a building running. Although they go unnoticed in day to day use, it is crucial to keep these systems in good condition.

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With the holidays behind us, Pomptonian wanted to touch base with a friendly reminder that Foods Across America will be celebrated throughout January. Once a week a well-known dish celebrating a different state will be featured in the high schools. To learn more, see the attached flyer or click the following link: Foods Across America.

You can view the Monthly School Lunch Menu at: https://www.fdmealplanner.com/#menu/mealPlanner/21/20/2

Breakfast AND lunch are served daily to all students. Those approved for FREE AND REDUCED lunch are also approved for FREE AND REDUCED breakfast.

Please make sure you do not fall behind on your child’s lunch balance.

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