Reconstruction Time

Changing the Old to Make New

Reconstruction is for the Birds!!

Needless to say, Southerners were bitter about the Reconstruction policies imposed upon them by the United States. Already defeated in war and devastated economically and socially, the former states of the Confederacy received further punitive restrictions from 1865-1877. Southerners naturally despised the influx of newcomers who came to rule most of the states. There were Carpetbaggers, recent arrivals from the North who came south seeking financial and political gain; but for most Southerners, Reconstruction seemed a time of punishment by the Federal government for their previous secession, and many attitudes reflected a similar theme as in pre-war days: "We don't want you down here."

Redeemers Go Away!

United as One We Shall Stand

We all have a voice here in Texas! Everyone should have rights, especially to vote or to run for office in our local government. Let's refuse to take the oath to the "Ironclad Oath". We don't feel like we should be pardoned and we do not want forgiveness for the war. We fought for our rights during the war. The "Redeemers" want nothing more than to separate races. They would love to see people of different races have separate restaurants, schools, and even hotels. We all deserve equal rights, equal opportunities, and equal protection! We must be united as one people in the United States in order to become a strong nation and to stop the hatred that has happened in the past.

Morgan Arnold