Student Support Services Dept.

Roadmap - 11/11/19-11/15/19

IDVA Mission - Building a community of engaged learners.

IDVA Vision - Empowering every student to learn at high levels.

SSS Dept. Mission

The mission of the Student Support Services Department is to engage the student and family system by providing individualized support to empower holistic growth.

SSS Dept. Impact

  • Increase/maintain attendance (class connect + daily plan completion).

SSS. Dept. Group Agreements

  • We will be intentional in our collaborative work with school community members to address students' academic needs.
  • We will proactively identify and support students' individual needs and accomplishments.

SSS Dept. Vision Board

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SSS Dept. - August 2019

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SSS Department Kudos

If you have kudos to share about you or a colleague, send them to Alex.


Jenny sent this email about Mark: "... I have been working with him over the last few years to improve the SAT experience for our students. Mark is behind the change to allowing virtual schools to use vouchers and testing sites and this has worked well for most of our students. However, there are more challenges with the SAT graduation requirement as we no longer have the ACCUPLACER test and not all SAT testing sites offer testing accommodations. Mark has been working closely with Eddie from the College Board and sharing our challenges. I also worked with Mark to schedule a meeting with the SDE today to express concerns. Mark did a wonderful job of communicating our challenges as a virtual school and offered out a few wonderful suggestions. While we understand that this process will take time, I do want to share that Mark continues to speak up and push for changes to support our students."



Andrea Wells called me to share that Andre has a "positive attitude", good "humor", and is a "good person to work with."



A family shared that they speak to Andre often and "He's great."



Lisa received this email from a teacher: "Thanks for sending this info out early. Its nice to know what we are doing tomorrow. Also, love the idea of assigning us all lanes to help get everyone socializing while we are there. Looking forward to tomorrow’s outing"



SSS Department Team Building

A weekly Google Slides (Google version of PowerPoint) will have our weekly Ungame question. All you need to do is add a text box to the presentation and answer the question. Take a look at the picture next to this text for more instructions.

What incredibly common thing have you never done?

Answer the question by adding a text box on the slide. Be sure to add your name to the answer.

Here are your teammates' answers from last week

Weekly Calendar, 11/11-11/15

Monday, 11/11

  • First day for K5 Cohort 5
  • Lisa and Jessica at a PLC conference

Tuesday, 11/12

  • Lisa and Jessica at a PLC conference

Wednesday, 11/13

  • Lisa and Jessica at a PLC conference

Thursday, 11/14

Friday, 11/15

  • Promising Practices from The Field Mini-Conference, sign up via

Departmental & School Updates

Departmental and school updates will go here when/as needed

Action items: Pre-work to be completed BEFORE face-to-face PD

  1. Send Tree at least one 2-way communication approach you've have found successful - Due to Tree by 11/13
  2. Please consider the following questions, being prepared with thoughtful answers, about our current orientation process: (1) What feedback have you received from learning coaches or students about our current orientation program? (2) What feedback do you have about supporting LCs and students through the orientation program? What are the challenges? What could be improved? (3) What are the essentials that we want LCs and students to know/understand when they begin school? (4) If you could start with a clean slate, what would you want orientation to look like?
  3. For Advisors: Please consider the following questions, being prepared with thoughtful answers: (1) How are families responding when you call them regarding red boxes?

    (2) About how many do you end up calling each time – after you sort through who may not need to be called due to excused absences or other circumstances? (3) Is there anything that is not working? (4) Have you been able to contact any who have yellow boxes?

  4. For PLCs: Bring relevant data to review as you'll have time to work in your groups.
  5. For those who have already taken Youth Mental Health First Aid in the past: bring your handbook.
Friday Fast Facts: Help Needed

From Andrea W. to 6-12 students: "...take a few minutes to watch this important video about getting help when you need it. Also, beneath the video link, you will find a link to an email template you can use when contacting your teachers for help."

K12 Updates

K12 updates will go here when/as needed

Basic Computer Skills

This link was shared with me during a K12 meeting. This may be a helpful tool for some students or LCs. Keep this in your toolbox of support.

Reoccuring/Reference Info

This section will be used for reoccurring/repeated info from previous weeks that may be needed for later reference.

Student Computer Troubleshooting Guide

Text Messaging Procedures

SSS Dept. staff have the option to text some families. Review this PowerPoint PRIOR to using text messaging.

Important Reminder: TVS account changes

Fill out this survey (bookmark it for future use) for TVS phone, email, or in-state address changes.

Be sure to fill out the survey completely. To make the correct changes, Leigh Ann needs to know whose addresses and phone numbers need to be changed (e.g. which parent or both or is it the LC; whose phone # and is it the home or cell). She also needs to know the student first and last name along with their student ID# and if they have siblings.

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Time Management Tips

Attached is a Smore with tips and tricks on managing one's time.

Past SSS Dept. Roadmaps

Week of 11/4-11/8:

Week of 10/28-11/1:

Week of 10/21-10/25:

Week of 10/14-10/18:

Week of 10/4-10/11:

Week of 9/30-10/1:

Week of 9/23-9/27:

Week of 9/16-9/20:

Week of 9/9-9/13:

Week of 9/2-9/6:

Start of School Year:

High school grad plans

FYI: after much discussion, we will not be using the K12 Grad Plan Tool. PowerSchool, the program where we keep official transcripts, has a Grad Plan Tool option that we will be using so as not to duplicate work. At this point, Kristi Korfanta-Harris, as part of her new role, is getting trained on this process and will set up training for our staff.

More to come.