Thomas Paine

Created by Jaden Trowell


  • Thomas Paine was born in Thetford, England on February 9th, 1736 & passed away in 1809. He emigrated from England to the British American Colonies around 1774 and wrote two pamphlets that were key to influencing the American Revolution.


  • Cause: Thomas pain grew up in England with a Quaker father and an Angelican mother. He learned to read and write and solve some arithmetic from a young age. At 13 he started working for his father as a corset maker and later on took on jobs like hunting smugglers, collecting liquor and tobacco taxes and also trying out as an officer of the excise. Although he wasn't good at keeping any of his jobs, Paine was a strong writer who used his talent to strive on in life.
  • Characteristics: In December 1793, TPaine was arrested and imprisoned in Paris for treason, then released in 1794. Also, TPaine's wife, Mary Lambert, passed away during child birth.
  • Significance: Thomas Paine wrote five pamphlets in his life time, but was mostly recognized for his first pamphlet, Common Sense. The pamphlet focused on Paine's views of the American Revolution and why it was necessary. It was really the first time that a pamphlet or any piece of literature was used to influence such a huge event in America.