Personal Leadership Presentation

Hannah Huffman's summary of personal leadership portfolio

Leader Status

While taking the Exploring Leadership course this semester, I have learned skills that will aid me in becoming a leader in life while also recognizing my own personal strengths and weaknesses that can be improved upon. I have been able to analyze my experiences during this course through the assigned activities and share and learn from my fellow colleagues. During this course, I believe my leadership skills have matured and my skills are now more effective when leading a team.

MVA's (Most Valuable Assignments)

Hannah Huffman's Leadership Strengths

  • Charismatic
  • Effective Active Listener
  • Problem Solver
  • Effective Communicator
  • Ethical

Future Leadership Goals

  • Help future and current team members tap into their meaning in their work
  • Challenge existing powers
  • Take personal initiative and hold self accountable
  • Find my "flow"