Newsletter Wk8 20th June 2022

Holy Cross Catholic School Papatoetoe

Our Vision: Learning and Growing in Christ

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Kia Ora Koutou Katoa, Talofa Lava, Malo e Lelei, Ni Sa Bula Vinaka, Kia Orana, Hola como Estas, Marhaba, Greetings to you all.
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At every Mass we hear the words of Jesus, 'Do this in memory of me'. And that is precisely what we do when we gather to celebrate the Eucharist.

The breaking and eating of bread and the drinking from the cup (Covid restrictions aside) is such a simple profound action. Christ living and active through his Spirit feeds and nourishes us with his own body and blood broken for us and poured out for us on the cross. We remember and are made present with his sacrifice in the here and now.

As we give thanks for the gift of his body and blood we renew our faith in the Eucharist that we become what we eat and drink, the very body and blood of Christ, poured out and broken for others. When we live and respond this way we fulfill what Christ said to his disciples when he fed the 5000, 'Give them something to eat yourselves.'

What a powerful message as we pray this week for refugees and immigrants!

Abundant Blessings for the week ahead.

Congratulations to Cena Ale from Room 14 who received the Catholic Character Award this week.

Liturgy Wednesday 22nd June 2022

This week all the Year 3 students will attend a liturgy in the Church at 2pm.

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents

This week we will be celebrating Matariki starting today with our Kapa Haka Roopu leading our assembly and the celebrations will continue with our first annual Matariki Public Holiday on Friday 24 June 2022. School will be closed on Friday.

What is Matariki?

  • Matariki is 40 light years away but it is one of the closest star clusters to Earth .

  • Matariki was one of the star clusters used by the early Maori settlers to navigate the Pacific Ocean on the first voyages to New Zealand

  • There are about 500 stars in the Matariki star cluster but only six are visible to the naked eye

  • In English, Matariki is called “Pleiades” or the Seven Sisters, the Hawaiian name is “Makalii” or eyes of royalty, and in Japan, it is “Subaru” meaning gathered together

  • For many iwis (tribes), seeing the star cluster rise before dawn around late-May early-June is the mark of a New Year.

  • Matariki is also a time to remember those who passed during the past year, seen with positivity in the life and death cycle.

  • Matariki celebrations were very popular before they were stopped in the 1940s. It was then revived in 2000.

  • Matariki became a public holiday in New Zealand starting from 24 June 2022.

The event is celebrated across New Zealand in the form of festivals full of food, singing, dancing and a public holiday. You are also likely to see markets, museum exhibitions and planetarium events dedicated to the Maori New Year.We will all enjoy our public holiday on Friday but let us not forget the Tangata Whenua of Aotearoa as they prepare to mark the New Year and take time to remember all those who have gone before us.


Nga manaakitanga ki a koutou katoa
Julie Paul


Maori Akonga Hui

On Wednesday 22 June we will be running a hui for our Maori Akonga between11.10 and 1.30pm. All of these students have already received letters about this event.

Unfortunately we cannot invite whanau to join us on this day as we are still in the Orange light phase.

Maui Pacific Dance Production

On Thursday 23 June the Year 2’s and Years 3/4 teams will be going to this production at the Aotea Centre in Auckland.

Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews

Week 10: Monday 4 July and Wednesday 6 July

Booking ONLINE

We will be holding Parent/Teacher Interviews on Monday 4th July and Wednesday 6th July. Appointment times will be in 15 minute blocks and will start at 2pm to 4.45pm and restart at 5.45pm - 6.45pm. The staff are NOT AVAILABLE BETWEEN 5.00pm - 5.30pm as they will have a dinner break at this time.

Children will go to the HALL AT 2.00PM on BOTH days. Parents may pick up their children by going to the hall to collect them or by presenting a written note.

Parents must book their appointment time online. To book an appointment go to our school website and click on the ‘School Info’ tab and click on ‘book an interview’ from the dropdown list. You will be taken to the School Interviews website.

Once on the School Interviews website you will be prompted to put in a school code. The school code is kyzz3. Once you have logged in with the code you will need to enter your email address, your name and your child’s name. You will also need to know the name of your child’s teacher.

Available times for interviews with your child’s teacher will be displayed. Select the time you require. If you need to change your interview time at any stage you can do so by logging in and selecting another time. Only 1 time can be selected per child.

The website for booking appointments is now open. Please book appointments for ALL of your children by following this process.

Parent/Whanau Maths Workshops

It was great to see you at our workshops last week. Feedback has been very positive.

Our next workshops are on Wednesday 22 June. Sessions will be at 1.30pm and 5.30pm

Life Education Caravan

We have the LIfe Education Team in our school for the next three weeks until the end of the term. All classes will be participating in various aspects of the programme with follow up lessons and tasks in their classrooms.

On Monday 4 July the caravan will be open till 4pm so parents can visit and talk with the Life Education Educator.

South Auckland Primary School Chess Tournament

Congratulations to our primary chess team who participated in their first chess tournament last Thursday. After a gruelling day, they came third, bringing home their bronze medals. Thank you to Mr Brzozowski (coach) and Taani for supporting the team.

2023 Enrolments at McAuley High School

Applications for Year 9 in 2023 for preference students only will be closing soon. Enrolment packs can be collected from the school office or downloaded from our website, Please phone the school if you would like one posted to you.

KidsCan Jackets

Last week we gave out the jackets that had been donated by Kidscan. To our Year 3-8 students. We had two different styles of jackets and we just distributed them by size to individual students.

If your child received a jacket and you do not feel as though you need it please return it to school as we can give them to other children. If you are keeping the jacket please name them as children are allowed to wear them to school and we don't want to be inundated with unnamed jackets.

Thank you to Mrs Kingham for organising the distribution of these jackets.

School Lunches

Please do not send lunch orders on Thursday 23 June as there are no orders as school is closed on Friday.

Enrolments for 2023

Please ensure you have completed enrolments for any of your children who will be turning 5 or if you or anyone you know is wanting their children to come to Holy Cross Catholic School in 2023. We will be looking to finalise our roll in July and confirming places by the end of August 2022.

Small Purple Scooter Found

Over Queen’s Birthday weekend a scooter was left in the bike stand. It was handed in to the school office for safekeeping and no one has claimed it. If this belongs to anyone please collect it from the school office.

Hand Sanitiser

We have had several boxes of small bottles of hand sanitiser donated to the school which we wish to distribute to any families who may need them.

If anyone would like some hand sanistiser please collect it from the office. Unfortunately we are not allowed to send it home with students, an adult must collect it.

Cost of Mouthguards

The cost of mouthguards has increased to $4.00 each.

Sports Exchange

On Thursday 23rd June, our teams will compete against Puhinui School in a sports exchange.

The games start at 1.15pm and will be played at the following locations:

At Holy Cross - Netball A & B, Girls Soccer

At Puhinui - Rugby Under 40kg and Open Weight, Netball C, D, E & F, Boys Soccer A & B

Auckland Netball for Year 7 and Year 8 Tuesday 21 June 2022

Below is the draw for the Years 7 & 8 teams for Tuesday 14th June 2022

HCS Y8 Blue vs Bucklands Beach Int Y8 Gold at 4.00pm on Court 1

HCS Y8 Red vs Sylvia Park SPS Super Ferns at 5.00pm on Court 2

HCS Y7 Blue vs St Mary's College Y7A at 5.00pm on Court 1

HCS Y7 Red vs Baradene Y7 Bellbirds at 4.00pm on Court 2

Auckland Netball - Thursday 23rd June 2022

There will be no netball games on Thursday night for our Years 4, 5 and 6 teams but the Tuesday night competition for the intermediate teams remains unchanged.

Intermediate Soccer Tournament

The Auckland Championship has been postponed until Monday 27 June due to the unavailability of Seddon Fields.

Principal Awards

Room 1

Room 1A Grace Kama, Sioeli Kautai

Room 2 Marvel Paese, ‘Amelia Fifita

Room 3 Marlon Emani-Johnson, Jo’selle Palamo-David

Room 4 Lucas Ioane, Serah Binphin

Room 5 Eric Fa’aui, Dion Mathew

Room 4A Hannah Rammo, Diana Pua Samani

Room 6 Adrienne Walter-Laulu, Zoe Karena

Room 7 Leandra Natoealofa, Pauna Lee

Room 8 Liana-Quinn Smith, Delylah Aiono

Room 9 Eva Leaupepetele, Amy Sio

Room 10 Unique Vaa’fusu, Zion Sofele

Room 11 Mikhail Binoy, Ivan-James Fe’ao

Room 12 Panuve Bloomfield, Brooklyn Teofilo

Room 13 Dylan Rai, Isaiah Eliki-Jones

Room 14 Lavinia Taiala, Cena Ale

Room 15 Ariana Hall, Grace Misilei

Room 16 Breeyah Tupe-Faleali’i, Marius George

Room 17 Elena Sio-Lokam 2. Lemisio Lakai

Room 18 Rochelle Manu-Joseph, Elijah Fa’avae

Room 19 Joelle Alex, Tumanako Fa’aui

Room 20 Pafuti Crichton, Xavier Galumalemana

Room 21 Kenshu Yeng Tung, Eclaire Foronda

Room 22

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