Reflections and Translations: May 2016

Annual SMART Conference

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The annual SMART conference brings together Math and Science teachers from both Sweetwater UHSD and Southwestern College to learn together. This year, SDSU will be represented as well in the San Diego Math Talks session.

Date: Thursday, May 19 4:30-8:00pm

Location: Otay Ranch High School

Essential Question: What are we doing, and what can we do to better support students as they transition to higher education?

Sessions Offered:

SWCC Placement and Course Sequence

Engineering Science Partnership (ESP) and Grants

San Diego Math Project-Math Talk: Discourse in Math Classes

CPM Guiding Principles and SUHSD Math Course Sequence

Integrating Computing&Robotics into the Core Math Curriculum

Next Generation Science Standards: The Future of Science

In the last session: Meet with Math and Science teachers at SWC who are teaching courses equivalent to yours!

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San Diego Math Network: Hilltop Middle and Rancho Del Rey Math teachers meet with Chula Vista Elementary teachers to collaborate on improving students' 6th to 7th grade transition

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CPM Teacher Tip of the Week

Week 32:

When there are several different problems that are all related or a task that has several parts or steps, it is a good time to use a study team strategy called Red Light, Green Light (see the tab “Team support and Universal Access” at the front of the Teacher Edition). After the team completes each problem, they need to stop (Red Light) and check their answer with the teacher (or with the answers that the teacher has located

somewhere in the room). If their answer is correct, they go (Green Light) to the next problem and repeat the process.

To make this a little more interesting, make a game board on poster paper or on one of the boards in the room. Each section of the game board represents a problem from the lesson. Place a post-it or magnet with each team’s number in the first spot (first problem) on the game board. This will move as the teams complete and correct the problem. This strategy allows the teacher to pay attention to who is ahead and who is behind and to act accordingly.

For a list of all the Teacher Tips, click Here

Free CSET Mathematics Prep Classes Offered by SDSU

Who Should Attend:

  • Teachers who need to take mathematics CSET subtest I and II
  • Pre-service students seeking a Foundational Math credential
  • Liberal studies majors with a math specializations
  • Persons who want to strengthen their algebra & geometry skills

Classes start in June, be sure to register online by May 27.

See flyer HERE for more information.

FREE Online Leaning Opportunities

Stanford is offering free online courses for your professional development. Click on the links below to see an overview of each course.

This course is self-paced, has no due dates, and you can work through as much or little course work as you like.

This course is self-paced, has no due dates, and you can work through as much or little course work as you like.


  • PERFORMANCE TASKS: District Performance Tasks (English and Spanish versions) are available on Canvas: Curriculum and Professional Development Course. PLCs are encouraged to use a calibration process (example here) to evaluate student work and rubric scores can be uploaded into Illuminate by the end of the semester. Alternatively, sites can choose to administer the SBAC Interim Performance Task and score student work through the CAASPP website. Research & Evaluation will later transfer those scores to Illuminate as well.
  • FINAL EXAMS: PLCs have the option to use the District Final Exams from 2014-15 (these are only available for middle school) or create their own final exam. To assist with exam creation, PLCs are welcome to use archived final exams as an item bank (available on Canvas in Word format) as well as Illuminate item banks created per course to align with CPM (see details above). Site-created final exams and their results should be shared with Research & Evaluation. Please contact R&E or your Math Curriculum Specialists for support.

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Math Curriculum Team

Daniel Crook (Math curriculum specialist-High School)

Esmeralda Orozco (Math curriculum specialist-High School)

Mimi Williams (Math curriculum specialist-Middle School)

Melisa O'Donoghue (Math curriculum specialist-Middle School)

Carla Jacobs (Special Education Support)

Ivette Sanchez (SEI and Bilingual Support)