And the EU

Sweeden General facts

Sweeden joined the EU in January 1st 1995 so it was not a founder of the EU. It was never part of another country at anytime. It has avoided wars. It is located in between Norway and Finland, in the Baltic sea. Sweeden has a constitutional monarchy

Sweedens flag.

Sweetens flag colors are gold and blue. The gold represents the the gold crowns in the coat of arms and the blue represents the blue feild

Swedish krona

This is the currency of sweeden

Sweeden geography

Sweeden has mostly flatland with a mountainus region. It borders the Baltic sea. It's slightly harder then California.



Fun facts

~ sweeden has never had any international disputes.

~ Sweeden was jus,t a military power in the 17th century

~ Youtuber Pewdiepie was born in sweeden