As our children become more and more involved with The Leader in Me process, we will be looking for speakers to come into the classrooms of our older students. If you work for/own a company that has implemented "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" and/or if you have been trained in "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" we would love to have you join our SPES Leader in Me process. Contact Jamie Nelson-Hebert in the Advancement Office if you would be willing to join our team and 1) speak to our students about implementing the seven habits into your personal and/or professional life and/or 2) speak to parent gatherings about your personal experiences in implementing the seven habits into your personal and/or professional life.


Last week we provided a guide for easier understanding of The Seven Habits. This week, we would like to provide you with some ideas for activities that would be fun to implement with your family. The Leader in Me is not just something our children learn at school. Have you noticed that we never refer to "The Leader in Me" as a "program?" That is intentional. It is NOT a program ... it is a PROCESS.

Many of you have sent us stories and/or anecdotes about ways you see your children incorporating the seven habits into their lives. Each child is going to do that differently and each family will find different ways that the process is incorporated into family life. The link provided this week that contains suggested activities for the family for each habit is only a resource to help you if you don't have ideas of your own yet. Visit for this week's Leader in Me tidbit for families.

Please share the things you are doing AS A FAMILY to live the seven habits at home! Send your story or anything you would like to share to Jamie Nelson-Hebert, Director of Advancement, at .