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October 15th, 2021

"Educational Excellence with an Environmental Emphasis"

Happily Haunted Hike - October 28th (5:00-6:00 PM)

Stowe is partnering with the YMCA for a Happily Haunted Hike on October 28th from 5:00-6:00PM. This is a family event - parents must accompany their children if they plan to attend. Students may wear their costumes and "hike" through the trail in our school forest. The trail will be lit up by luminary bags that students decorate throughout the week and there will be a few stations with "goodies" along the way. We are hopeful that the weather cooperates and would love to see you there.

Stowe Halloween PARADE! October 29th (1:10 PM)


We are excited to announce that Stowe will be having our annual Halloween parade this year! Due to COVID restrictions the parade will again be outdoors. In order to make the event work, we all have to follow the guidelines that are outlined below. If you do not want your student to participate, we will provide an educational alternative. If the weather does not cooperate we will have the parade indoors and post pictures on our Facebook page. Some information is included for you here. An additional newsletter will come home the week before with any updated information.

#1 Classrooms will be having a party.

Parties will start after the parade and take place in classrooms.

#2 If you wish to send a treat, you may send one bag that is unopened (store bought). Classroom teachers will provide safe and sanitary candy distribution in their classrooms.

#3 All costumes must be school appropriate and G-rated. Students may be asked to not wear a mask for safety reasons. Costumes must be easy enough to put on by themselves. If they can't do it themselves, they won’t be able to wear it.

#4 The Halloween Parade will start at 1:10 on October 29th. Students will exit out onto 101st Ave West, walk 2 blocks and take a right onto Goodhue, walk 2 blocks and take a right on Griak St., and walk towards Stowe Elementary. Families are encouraged to park legally along the parade route. We also want all vehicles to remain parked until all students have passed. Thank you for making this event safe and fun!

School Store!

Starting on October 18th the Stowe School Store will be back! Students in 4th and 5th grade will help to run this and it will be open from 7:30-7:45 each morning. The store is located by the main office and items range anywhere from $0.25 - $5.00.

No phones ...


Please be respectful of our "no phones" policy at the elementary school. This is a district policy outlined in the school handbook and students will not be able to use a cell phone during the school day. Students are able to access the nurse's office or school office if there are concerns or if they need to make a phone call.

Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Needs YOU!

We are looking for volunteers to team up and take on leadership roles with our Stowe PTA. Please contact Susie Backstrom if you are interested in helping: Or Brenda! :)

Joining the PTA is a great way to meet other families and to help support our school!

November 11 - Veterans Day.

On this date students will be working with classroom teachers to learn more about honoring our veterans. Students will have a chance to visit our Veterans memorial on the corner of Stowe and Commonwealth Ave. Forms will be coming home to collect more information about Veterans in our community. We also are putting together a wall of stars in the front office!

Late arrivals ...

Door "I" opens to students at 7:30 each morning and staff are there until 7:45. Please make sure that if students arrive after 7:45 that they check in through the main office doors. Parents are still to use the front of the building as a drop-off during the school day.

Important Dates for September and October

October 20 - Preschool Hartley Fieldtrip

October 21 & 22 - MEA = NO SCHOOL

October 25 - Staff Development Day = NO SCHOOL for students

October 28 - YMCA 1st Annual - Happily Haunted Hike 5 - 6:00 PM

October 29 - Halloween Parade (1:10)

November 3 - School Picture Day

November 11 - Veterans Day (No assembly this year, activities in classrooms)

November 17, 18, 19, 22, 23 - 5th grade STARBASE

November 25 & 26 - Thanksgiving = NO SCHOOL

November 30th - School Picture Retake Day

December 23 - January 2nd - Winter Break = NO SCHOOL

Masking Reminders

Students, staff and families have done a great job so far wearing masks in school. Wearing masks and getting vaccinated are two important ways to keep schools open for in-person learning this fall. As a reminder, students and staff are required to wear masks in all district buildings unless eating or drinking. Parents may only enter the building as far as the main office at this time based on our ISD 709 Safe Learning Plan. Masking is not required while outside of the building. Please send a spare mask with your children in case they lose or break their mask. Any exception to the mask requirement would need to follow the ADA process. Thank you.

Social Media ...

If you want to catch up on the latest happenings check out our school School website and Facebook page for updates. We are excited to share details of all the exciting things happening at Stowe!

Recess Clubs ...

During the school day Stowe has an exciting and unique partnership with the YMCA Americorp TrueNorth program this year to provide recess clubs to students Monday - Thursday. These are opportunities to help students stay engaged during the day and also work on Social/Emotional learning skills (leadership, cooperation, perseverance).

From our district COVID team ...

If your child is showing signs and symptoms of COVID-19, we are asking that you please keep them home and get tested or consult your healthcare provider for an alternative diagnosis as we are still seeing strep, influenza, and RSV circulating around the state and our area. It is imperative that they remain home when symptomatic to help us protect the integrity of in-person learning. We thank you for your help in keeping our school community safe.

COVID19 Signs & Symptoms:

- Fever of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher

- New cough or a cough that gets worse

- Difficulty/hard time breathing

- New loss of taste or smell

- Sore throat

- Nasal congestion/stuffy or runny nose

- Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea

- Muscle pain

- Extreme fatigue/feeling very tired

- Severe/very bad headache

- Chills


African Heritage Community Summit

A presentation by Dr. Joy DeGruy.

For more information and to register:


Looking for a place for your children October 21-22? We have you covered! On Thursday and Friday of MEA week, we will open our doors for day camp. Children ages 5-12 years will enjoy fall-themed games, crafts and activities with our UMD KIDSROCK camp staff! Event registration is limited to 32 children, so sign up early.

October 21 - 22, 7:30am - 5:30pm

Register here by noon, Thursday, October 14

Location: Bagley Nature Area Classroom

Cost: $80 per child

College of Saint Scholastica Tutoring Services

During the pandemic last year, Duluth Public Schools secured a county grant and partnered with The College of Saint Scholastica to provide tutoring support services to our students.

This fall, we are able to continue with this support from our CSS partners! Woo-hoo! They will utilize their Work Study money for those students who qualify and have some remaining dollars available from our contract last year.

Here is a link to book a tutor for your child:

Gary New Duluth Rec Center

The Gary New Duluth Recreation Center has teamed up with the city of Duluth to rally and organize the community needs of kids, families and seniors. They've recently partnered with the YMCA to create a space with a strong sense of place and purpose for children. Their focus is on P.L.A.Y.: Promoting Lifetime Activities for Youth. The YMCA Nature Programming is 2:15-5:30 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Check the GND out on Facebook to sign your kids up for these great programs:

GND REC Facebook

And you can see all of the wonderful projects, missions, classes and activities here on their website!

Apply for 709 - We're Hiring!

ISD 709 and YMCA Keyzone have a number of open employment opportunities for those wanting to join our team! More information can be found at:

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