Aryanna Garcia

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what is this?

This is a California quail it is the California state bird.
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what do they sound like?

This what a California quail sound like.
California Quail (Callipepla californica)


California is a big state and the BIGEST state in the united states it has a lot of land marks and do you want to go to san francisco? well you might want to take a plane is you live on the other side of the country
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what is California none for?

the nickname for California is The gold state. This name is none to mean lots of gold.


I love you california is the California state song a county song, classic, and smoth
I Love You California - California State Song (with lyrics)

Whats the motto?

people in California are all different but follow the same rules. in California the motto is eureka. all states have different people, places, thing to do and a lot more. California is big and its hard not to find thing to do and if you do run out of thing to do you might still have disney world and san francisco!
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Do you now how many people are in California

what is the number of people in California? Do you now? there is about 38.8 million people down there! one of the reasons are how big California is and you would not think that a lot of people live there becuase how cold it is California gets a lot of snow about there feet every minute when a blizzard hits.


The Governor of California Jerry Brown a nice person to run California!

Why you should go to California?

I you are looking for a vacation you might want to go to California this state is so Big you might have more things to then you think!
Birds Of California


Here are so images of california

California is a good state!

Would you ever live in California? some people say no because it's a bad state to live in but a lot of times that's not true this states got everything the people, homes, places, things to do you could not beat California!

Whats the capital?

The California capital is called Sacramento and it looks like the wight house!

Places to go.

in California there are lots of places to go like San Diego, Disney Land, San Francisco, and Hollywood

you could go to all of them in one state!


California is big but is a awesome state. You can find lots of things to do. But it's not about that its about how the state works and California has all of it!
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