Treatment of the Vietnamese

in the Vietnam War


The Vietnam War is commonly referred to as a war on civilians; the local Vietnamese people were treated extremely poorly and were subject to all of the same violence as opposing soldiers.
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Despite the probable fact that this boy was injured by violence from the war, he is being taken care of in an American hospital. This shows that the Americans were not indifferent to the Vietnamese people. In fact, they are risking their lives trying to protect democracy for these people.

Strafe the Town and Kill the People

This short song by Les Cleveland is a dark tune that talks about the cruel treatment of the Vietnamese people by American soldiers. The song is basically a series of sarcastic instructions for soldiers in Vietnam, and our narrator is telling them to do some terrible things, like kill children on their way to prayer. Though the validity of this argument is unknown, hearing this disturbing piece forces a listener to wonder if it was actually like that over there.