Weekly News from Kimball Hill

October 12, 2020

Message from the Principal

Dear Kimball Hill Parents & Guardians,

What a week we have had welcoming back our 3rd & 4th grade students. Next week, we welcome our 5th & 6th & ECDEC grade students, which will complete our rolling re-entry. I continue to be so impressed by our students and staff. Thank you for your continued support and patience as we work hard to open our doors to all students in the safest way. The next best thing we will await is the day ALL Kimball Hill students return to in-person learning.

Just a reminder, there is no school Monday, October 12th due to the holiday. We hope that you all enjoy the long weekend! Below are some helpful reminders.



-Please have your child’s lanyard on and signed. Students need to have their lanyard signed for entrance into the school.

-Please pull all the way forward in the front circle to allow for a continuous, safe flow of cars.

-Parents will need to remain in their car when their student(s) exit the vehicle.

-Please direct your child to exit the car on the side of the school.

-Children need to be ready to exit the vehicle, with their backpack and lunch bag ready.

-Students must have their mask on when exiting the vehicle.

-All students will have their temperatures checked and will sanitize their hands upon entry.

-We ask that students remain an airplane arms length away from others.


-Students riding the bus will have an assigned seat the entire year.

-Students must wear their mask on the bus.

-Students will have their temps taken prior to entering the building.

-Students will sanitize their hands prior to entering the building.

-Students must wear their lanyards and staff will ensure there is a parent signature on the card inside the lanyard.


-Students will begin dismissing at a staggered time to ensure social distancing, but all will be outside at 3:25pm.

-Students will load buses and sit in their assigned seats.

-Students that walk home or ride their bikes will be dismissed out Door 8 (back of school and Door 10 by School Street. Please talk to your child's teacher about specifics and set a meeting spot with your child if needed.

-Parents will pull their car all the way forward in the car line at the Front circle, and remain in their vehicle. We ask that all parents be mindful and continue to pull forward so that we can maintain safety for all and prevent blocking traffic.

- If you would like to get out of your car to meet your child at a designated spot, please feel free to park on School Street.

-For Kinder & 1st graders being picked up, a supervisor will radio the teacher to inform the child/teacher that the parent is here. It would be helpful if you could keep a sign displayed on your windshield indicating the last name of your kinder and 1st grade child and teacher.

-Once your child(ren) is safely loaded, please swiftly and safely follow traffic flow. We appreciate your patience. Children should load on the side closest to the sidewalk for safety.

As parents/guardians, your full participation and adherence to all guidelines will help ensure everyone stays healthy as we resume face-to-face instruction.

COVID symptom self-certification is required for all people entering the building each day. Please remember that an adult needs to sign the self-certification card daily (sent home on Chromebook Distribution day). Lanyards have been distributed and cards will need to be presented at the door upon entry to school. Kimball Hill Staff will do a secondary temperature screening with a touchless thermometer at each entrance (Main Entrance, Door 10 by School Street and Door 8 in back of school) before each child enters the building. If you lost your lanyard, please contact your child’s teacher to request one.

As required by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) and Illinois State Board of Education, face coverings must be worn by students at all times while inside the building, except when eating or drinking. Per IDPH guidelines updated August 13, neck gaiters/athletic neck warmers are not acceptable forms of face coverings. All other cloth or medical face coverings are permitted.

If your child does not have a mask, please contact your school office. If your child qualifies for a face covering medical exemption, a physician’s note must be on file with the school's main office.

If you would like to walk your child to the front sidewalk (following social distance guidelines) you may do that and please understand that visitors are not allowed in the building at this time. Kimball Hill staff members will be posted throughout the building to assist students and ensure all students safely get to their classroom.

As always, please reach out to me any time with questions or concerns at lacamerm@ccsd15.net or call the school at 847-963-5200.


Michelle LaCamera

All KH Children Eat Breakfast for Free Through December

Take Home Grab ‘N’ Go Breakfast

District 15 Nutrition Services is happy to offer a take home breakfast program. All students will have the opportunity to pick up 5 days of Grab ‘N’ Go breakfast meals at no charge and bring it home on Monday afternoons. This convenient new program allows the student to eat breakfast at home each morning before school starts, making it easier for students to have the opportunity to start the day ready to learn.

Does my student have to take the Grab ‘N’ Go Breakfast Bags? Participation is strictly voluntary.

How does Grab ‘N’ Go Breakfast Bags work? Grab ‘N’ Go Breakfast Bags will be available at all schools for your child to take home on Monday afternoons. It will contain (5) complete breakfast meals, along with a second bag of (5) cartons of white milks. Since the milk should be refrigerated as soon as possible, there is an option to decline the milk if the child is not going home directly from school.

What foods are served in Grab ‘N’ Go Breakfast? Each bag will contain 5 Grab ‘N’ Go Breakfast kits and will consist of a combination of the following:

  • Breakfast Bar & 100% Juice Box

  • Cereal Bowl, Graham Snack, & 100% Juice Box

  • Whole Grain PopTart, Graham Snack, & 100% Juice Box

  • A separate bag will be provided with (5) cartons of white milk

How much will Grab ‘N’ Go breakfast cost? The (5) Grab ‘N’ Go breakfast meals provided are free of charge to all students. USDA has approved a waiver which allows our district to provide healthy meal access to all children in the community ages 18 and younger for FREE! This is a federally funded program.

What are the benefits of Grab ‘N’ Go Breakfast? With a Grab ‘N’ Go breakfast program, all students have the opportunity to eat a healthy breakfast. Studies have shown that with breakfast: Students concentrate better and remember more of what they learn. Students perform better academically. Absenteeism and tardiness is decreased. Hunger-related nurse visits are reduced.

How does my child receive the Grab ‘N’ Go Breakfast Bag? If you would like your child to receive the Take Home Grab ‘N’ Go Breakfast Bag, please call your school office to let them know you would like to have your student participate. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about this breakfast program, you can contact Kristin Voigts, Director of Nutrition Services (847) 963-3929 or voigtsk@ccsd15.net.

Desayuno Grab ‘N’ Go para llevar a la Casa

El Servicio de Nutrición del Distrito 15 se complace en ofrecer un programa de desayuno para llevar a casa. Todos los estudiantes tendrán la oportunidad de recoger 5 días de desayunos Grab 'N' Go sin cargo y traerlos a casa los lunes por la tarde. Este nuevo y conveniente programa le permite al estudiante desayunar en casa cada mañana antes de que comience la escuela, lo que facilita que los estudiantes tengan la oportunidad de comenzar el día listos para aprender.

¿Mi estudiante tiene que llevar las bolsas de desayuno Grab 'N' Go? La participación es estrictamente voluntaria.

¿Cómo funcionan las bolsas de desayuno Grab 'N' Go? Las bolsas de desayuno Grab 'N' Go estarán disponibles en todas las escuelas para que su hijo/a se las lleve a casa los lunes por la tarde. Contendrá (5) desayunos completos, junto con una segunda bolsa de (5) cartones de leches blancas. Dado que la leche debe refrigerarse lo antes posible, existe la opción de rechazar la leche si el niña/o no se va a casa directamente de la escuela.

¿Qué alimentos se sirven en el desayuno Grab 'N' Go? Cada bolsa contendrá 5 kits de desayuno Grab 'N' Go y consta de una combinación de lo siguiente:

  • Barra de desayuno y caja de jugo 100%

  • Tazón de cereal, bocadillo Graham y caja de jugo 100%

  • PopTart de grano entero, bocadillo Graham y caja de jugo 100%

  • Se proporcionará una bolsa separada con (5) cartones de leche blanca

¿Cuánto costará el desayuno Grab 'N' Go? Los (5) desayunos Grab 'N' Go proporcionados son gratuitos para todos los estudiantes. El USDA ha aprobado una exención que permite que nuestro distrito proporcione acceso a comidas saludables a todos los niños de la comunidad de 18 años o menos, ¡GRATIS! Este es un programa financiado con fondos federales.

¿Cuáles son los beneficios del desayuno Grab 'N' Go? Con un programa de desayuno Grab 'N' Go, todos los estudiantes tienen la oportunidad de comer un desayuno saludable. Los estudios han demostrado que con el desayuno: Los estudiantes se concentran mejor y recuerdan más de lo que aprenden. Los estudiantes se desempeñan mejor académicamente. Se reduce el absentismo y las tardanzas. Se reducen las visitas de enfermería relacionadas con el hambre.

¿Cómo recibe mi hijo/a la bolsa de desayuno Grab 'N' Go? Si desea que su hijo/a reciba la bolsa de desayuno para llevar a casa Grab 'N' Go, llame a la oficina de su escuela para informarles que le gustaría que su hija/o participara. Si tiene alguna pregunta, comentario o sugerencia sobre este programa de desayuno, puede comunicarse con Kristin Voigts, Directora de Servicios de Nutrición (847) 963-3929 o voigtsk@ccsd15.net.

Return to Learn dates

School Hours: 8:45am-3:25pm

Morning Kindergarten: 8:45am-11:20am, Fridays: 8:45am-10:55am

Fridays: 8:45am-2:35pm

Afternoon Kindergarten: 12:50-3:25pm, Fridays: 12:25pm-2:35pm

Gradual Rolling Entry to In-Person Classes


  • Monday, September 21: Kindergarten and K-8 self-contained special education programs

    • ACES, Multiple Needs (MN), Early Childhood SIP: Half-day only (9:00-11:30 a.m.); transition to a full- or extended-day starting on Tuesday, October 13

    Monday, September 28: Grades 1-2 and self-contained early childhood

    Monday, October 5: Grades 3-4

    Tuesday, October 13: Grades 5-8 and ECDEC (junior high in hybrid model)

Additional Reading Support for Qualifying Students

Please click on the pdf attached to view letter from our department of instruction for those that could qualify for reading intervention.

Transportation News

SAFE AND SECURE IN OUR “NEW NORMAL”: COVID-19 Informed Bus Protocols in District 15

What’s new:

o All buses are deep-cleaned nightly, with the same antiviral used inside the school buildings.

o All touch surfaces on the buses are spot sanitized after each route, with the same antiviral used

in the school buildings.

o Driver and all bus riders MUST BE MASKED for the duration of the bus ride.

o Rules for optimal airflow in the buses have been put in place.

o Temperatures will be taken enroute, where possible, or at school before entering the building.

o Bus capacity has been reduced to <45 passengers per bus, more stringent than state


o Seats have been assigned based on stop order (first students to board, walk all the way to the

back) to minimize cross traffic and to maintain social distancing.

o Siblings or members from the same household will be assigned to sit together on the bus.

o Assigned seats will be strictly enforced by the driver.

o Eating/drinking on the bus is PROHIBITED.

How students are expected to ride:

On the way to school :

o Know your pickup time and route number.

o WEAR YOUR MASK: if a student is at the stop without a mask, a disposable mask will be

provided and school contacted with student’s name.

o Be at your pickup location 5 minutes ahead of time.

o At large stops: line up in grade order, big kids first, siblings together.

o Wait until the bus stops before approaching the door.

o Board quickly and quietly.

o Go immediately to your assigned seat.

o Keep your backpack on your lap.

o Stay in your seat, out of the aisle.


o Temperatures will be taken enroute, where possible, or at school before entering the building.

o At school, stay seated until the driver dismisses you.

o Enter school quickly and quietly through assigned door.

On the way home :


o Go to your assigned seat quickly and quietly.

o Keep your backpack on your lap.

o Stay seated, in your assigned seat, out of the aisle, until the driver dismisses you.


o At your stop, stay seated until the driver dismisses you.

o Exit quickly and quietly.

Free Developmental Screenings

Please click on the PDF attachment for more information.

School Supplies

On the school/district webpage, you will find each grade level’s school supply list. If you are unable to purchase supplies due to financial issues please let us know or contact the Palatine Opportunity Center at 847-776-9500 or 847-776-2523. They can connect you with community agencies that help families with school supplies.

Students will be required to bring school supplies to school on their first day of in-person classes. Please label your child(ren) supplies. There will be no sharing of supplies this school year.

Stay Connected with our KH PTA

Our Kimball Hill PTA is looking for volunteers! Our PTA is working on a schedule for virtual meeting schedule at this time. Please email the PTA if you would like more information to become a room rep this year.

District 15 Helpline Available

Do you need help and are not sure who to contact? Do you have concerns or worries about yourself or others? The District 15 helpline is only a call or text away Monday-Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Our student services staff are available during these stressful times. Call or text:

English: 847-460-2099

Spanish: 847-460-2129

Calls or texts received outside of these hours will be answered the following workday. You can reach out about multiple topics, including but not limited to:

  • Social or emotional concerns;

  • Resources such as food, housing and transportation; or

  • Ideas on how to support your child

Technology Troubelshooting

For assistance with technology, parents or students should call or email the school’s office. The school office can assist with troubleshooting or, if necessary, can replace a broken device with a loaner.

Socialization and Connection During Virtual Learning

To help support students’ social and emotional learning and well-being during this time, we have created websites for elementary and Jr. High school aged students as a resource for families. You will find activities, articles, and ideas on ways to support socialization, connection, and overall well-being. This includes fun daily activities that you can utilize with your child and family. The resources are aligned to the IL Social and Emotional Learning standards that the students are learning during school, and includes helpful information and tools for self awareness, self management, social relationships, and more.

New Technology for Virtual Learning

In order to help keep students safer and more scholarly online during virtual learning, District 15 has adopted GoGuardian Teacher - an instructional delivery, classroom management, and community building tool. It helps keep students on-task and helps teachers stay connected to students wherever they learn. We will be deploying GoGuardain Teacher in phases over the next three weeks. Please review this letter to learn more about this powerful learning engagement tool.

The District is also in the process of deploying Zoom as our preferred virtual meeting platform. We are moving away from Google Meet due to some technical challenges that will not be resolved until later this fall. Additionally, Zoom has introduced several new layers of security and privacy controls ensuring that we are able to provide a secure virtual conferencing experience for our students.

Both Zoom and GoGuardian require that students are logged into Chrome with their District 15 account in order to be accessed. Therefore, students must either use their school issued Chromebook or sign into Chrome on a personal device for learning at home during school hours. Students who are not using a school issued Chromebook or are not signed into Chrome will not have the same functionality or security that they would otherwise have in school.

Parent Universities are coming soon. Look for the first to be launched the first week of September. These self-paced courses and presentations are designed to help you help your students learn at home. Visit the virtual learning webpage to learn more.

Contact the Principal

Michelle LaCamera

Kimball Hill School

2905 Meadows Dr.

Rolling Meadows, 60008



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News from Nurse Lidia

Dear parents,

The following are requirements for all Kindergarten and 6th grade students, whether your child is attending in-person instruction or receiving instruction virtually. Students not in compliance will be subject to exclusion from school until the health requirements are submitted per the State of Illinois.


OCTOBER 15, 2020

Kindergarten Required Immunizations:

∙ DTP/DTaP– 4 or more doses with last booster after 4th birthday

∙ Polio – 4 or more doses with last booster after 4th birthday

∙ MMR – 2 doses with first dose on or after 1st birthday

∙ Varicella (Chicken Pox) vaccine-2 doses with first dose on or after 1st birthday and 2nd dose no less than four weeks after the first dose, or proof of varicella disease.

6th Grade Required Immunizations:

Tdap - 1 dose before entering the 6th grade

Meningococcal conjugate vaccination - 1 dose received on or after 11 years of age

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at 847-963-5202 or via email at alemanl@ccsd15.net.

Thank you,

Mrs. Aleman, School Nurse


Queridos Padres,

Los siguientes son requisitos para todos los estudiantes de Kinder y Sexto Grado, ya sea que su hijo(a) asista la instrucción en persona o reciba instrucción de manera virtual. El estado de Illinois dice, que los estudiantes que no cumplan con los requisitos de examen de salud y vacunas requeridas están sujetos a ser excluidos de la escuela hasta que los requisitos sean entregados .


Estudiantes de Kinder: Vacunas Requeridas

∙ Difteria, Tétanos, Pertussis (DTP/DTaP)- 4 o más dosis con el último refuerzo después de cumplir 4 años

∙ Polio – 4 o más dosis con el último refuerzo después de cumplir 4 años

∙ MMR– 2 dosis con la primera dosis después o cuando su hijo/hija cumple un año

∙ Varicela- 2 dosis con la primera dosis después o cuando su hijo/hija cumple un año y la segunda dosis no menos de cuatro semanas después de la primera dosis, o prueba de enfermedad por varicela.

El Sexto Grado: Vacunas Requeridas

∙ Tdap- Una dosis antes de entrar en el sexto grado

∙ Conjugado Meningocócico-Una dosis recibida a los 11 años de edad

Si tiene alguna pregunta, no dude en comunicarse conmigo al 847-963-5202 o por correo electrónico a alemanl@ccsd15.net.


Señora Alemán, Enfermera de la Escuela