TES Staff Update

For the Week of April 16-20

Our Mission

Lapeer Community Schools is a dynamic community organization embracing our students with a quality learning environment, developing independent and confident learners for the future.

Non-negotiable Goal

Collaboration, Compromise and Commitment

We are "Turrill Tough"

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Teacher Day:

  • The teacher workday for Turrill teachers is from 8:40 – 3:45.
  • On Collaboration or SIP/Staff Meetings the teacher workday is 7:50 - 3:45.
  • 1-Hour Professional Development Days are from 7:40-8:40.
A Further Look Ahead - Click here for School Calendar

Building events will be posted to the calendar on our school website.

Snow Day Makeup Information - REVISED - Yay!!

LCS received an official communication from the Michigan Department of Education on April 13, 2018 regarding inclement weather make up days.

On behalf of all county school districts, the Lapeer County ISD filed a waiver requesting that additional days be forgiven, and today’s MDE communication formally approved that request.

Therefore, several of the previously identified inclement weather make up days will be adjusted as follows:

  • May 4, 2018 will be a non-attendance day for students and staff on the year round schedule (this remains a scheduled day for traditional calendar students and staff)
  • May 25, 2018 will be a non-attendance day for students and staff for both the traditional AND year round schedules
  • June 15, 2018 will be the last scheduled student attendance day for both the traditional AND year round schedules
  • June 18, 2018 will be the last teacher work day as originally scheduled

Nuts and Bolts for the Week

Teach/Review/Practice - Week 32: Basic Behavior Expectations – Office, Bathroom, Hallways, Cafeteria

Pledge Helper's this Week - Craft (Oliver on deck)

Monday, April 16 -

  • Fire Drill today?

Tuesday, April 17 -

  • M-STEP testing today; Signs will be posted
  • Catholic Charities/Truancy Prevention after school program 5:00-7:00

Wednesday, April 18 –

  • M-STEP testing today; Signs will be posted
  • SAT Meeting at 7:45
  • Data Days (K am and 3rd PM)

Thursday, April 19 -

  • M-STEP testing today; Signs will be posted
  • Monthly PD at 7:40
  • School Board Meeting including recognizing Student Authors (including 5th grader Kayle Fusina)

Friday, April 20 -

  • M-STEP testing today; Signs will be posted
  • Young Scholar Selections Due
  • Hallock's class to Crossroads Village

Upcoming Lab Days

I'd like to give you a heads up on some dates on some upcoming lab opportunities because they're coming up quickly. The district's next lab focus will be a chance to dive deeper in small group work and discuss another structure to meet students' needs - strategy groups.

This is a great next step for our building in continuation of our conversations during data days and PD about needs based groupings. Follow up labs will continue in the fall, along with the lab opportunities you expressed interest in from the survey results. Please look for a follow up email from Michelle with more details.

Here are lab dates for Murphy, Schickler, and Turrill teachers to come together as a group:

Monday, April 30

  • K - am
  • 1st - pm

Tuesday, May 22

  • 5th - am
  • 4th - pm

Next Young Scholars Assembly

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#TurrillTough means...

...at Turrill we're not just building things. We want to work with our parents to build better people!! A Community of Success!

We think that each one of us is strong individually but we are even stronger when we work together.

Did you know that over our Spring Break we had one of our Paraprofessionals and her family come out to pick up trash around the school? And they did it on their own?

And then our Girl Scouts did the same thing?

Not for the recognition but just to help our school community! But the wind keeps blowing more trash onto our school grounds...so...their efforts have inspired the next Earth Day clean up. See below for more information.

That's being Turrill Tough!!

Earth Day Turrill Clean Up

Sunday, April 22nd, 9:30-11am

785 South Elm Street

Lapeer, MI

Come and help our continuing efforts to keep our school grounds clean!

You bring your gloves and helping spirit...we'll provide the garbage bags and water!



DISMISSAL TIME Staff Responsibilities

The responsibility for Student Safety is ALL of Ours but it hasn't been looking like it based on the number of teachers remaining in their classrooms at the end of the day.

So...based on the discussion with ESC...I've created a map of the school that identifies:

  • the doors that should be utilized by grade levels for dismissal (no change)
  • the number of teachers per grade level that should be either at the bus loop or the parking lot (grade levels can determine who is going where)

Student dismissal will be safer and better if we all pitch in!

A hard copy will be in your mailbox. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.

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Politics in Education

Click here for the site recommended by Marie for the latest in legislative updates.


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Content Area Building Level Leads

ELA - Jessica Oliver

Math - Crystal Hoganson

Science - Dave Chaffin

Social Studies - Jennifer Christian

Technology - Bob Losinger, Jennifer Christian


Emergency Drills (Updated on 8-7-17):

Three Lockdowns (one during lunch/recess)

  • August 16 (will be rescheduled)

  • November 9

  • March 16

Five Fire Drills (three before Dec 1 and one during lunch/recess)

  • August 10

  • September 13

  • October 11 during lunch/recess

  • April 13

  • May 14

Two Tornado Drills (one in March)

  • August 22

  • March 8


Purpose: called in Emergency Situations when Staff and/or Student Safety is at risk.

Emergency Situations:

1. Is there an ongoing emergency?

2. Does the student's behavior pose an imminent risk to student's or others' safety?

3. Does the situation require an immediate intervention?

Protocol for Summoning the Team:

  • Classroom teacher will contact the office by any means necessary
  • Secretary (or available office staff) will use Walkie Talkie to call for "CARE Team to Room (include teacher's name)

Team members:

  • All Staff trained in CPI
  • Custodial Staff
  • Office Staff

Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT)

Purpose: called in emergency Medical situations.

Protocol for Summoning the Team:

  • Classroom teacher will contact the office by any means necessary
  • Secretary (or available office staff) will use Walkie Talkie to call for "MERT Team to Room (include teacher's name)

Team Members:

  • Robert Downey - CPI, CPR, Epipen, AED
  • RaeAnne Fielder - CPI, Epipen
  • Kim Sullilvan - CPI, First Aid/CPR, AED, Epipen
  • Shannon Newton - CPI, First Aid/CPR, AED
  • Dennis King or Rick Martin