Computer Technology- Real World

By: Braden Blackburn

Using it in Class!

It would be great to use these skills in math class, specifically formulas and functions. Using spreadsheets for math would be a huge help when you are required to create charts or tables. It would also be able to perform operations on large numbers using the formulas and functions!

Using it in Your Job!

You could make a huge impression on your boss with the newly learned presentation software. After this class, you're an expert on Google Presentations, and other little known systems like Prezi, Smore, and Presentations wouldn't be as boring with your new skills in making presentations eye candy to the audience.

Computer Problems?

When a friend, family member, or neighbor is in need of some help with their computers, you're the person for the job. You learned about the systems inside the hardware and about viruses and how to prevent them. Y0u will be a huge help to any one that is in some computer trouble.