Austin Rector

Business type

Nike is a public corporation. I know this because it is not owned by one person or by two but by many because people have invested in their stocks. One advantage for having a public corporation is that people can invest in stocks for your company. The second one is, that you the owner have specialized managers for specific tasks so you don't have to do anything


The founder of Nike is Phil Knight. Nike was started in 1964 on January 25. At first the company was started in the back of Phil Knights car, Phil Knight then went to japan in 1963 to have an interview with a Japanese man named Tiger who made running shoes. They negotiated and soon Phil Knight sold $8,000 worth of Tigers shoes. As the company began to grow bigger and bigger they became the Nike we know today.


  • When Nike was founded they were considered Blue Ribbon Sports
  • When it was founded it only had $1,200 in the bank
  • Phil Knight originally wanted to call the company "Dimension 6"
  • The first Nike shoes were made in a waffle iron

Would I invest in this company

Personally, I would not invest in this company because its stock are not doing well because they haven't invented something that everyone wants to buy immediately. Right now the sticks are most likely down because they haven't invented anything great in awhile.
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